Friday, April 4, 2008

Delicious Prawn Mee and Kung Po Chicken Rice

Since the twosuperheroes had a disastrous serving of Prawn Mee at Newton Food Court last weekend, they decided to compensate their sorry tummies by going for some really yummylicious Prawn Mee.

Back to our usual haunt at the Chinese Stall @ Pulau, Off Jalan Tun Razak, opposite Menara Celcom, the uncle there decided to surprise Superhero S by putting their Prawn Mee on the menu that day. Normally, the auntie wouldn't have the time to cook such meals because they actually get everything prepared on the spot.

But I guess the couple were in a good mood that day. So Superhero S seized the chance to order their Prawn Mee for the first time. Superhero W however, decided to order their Kung Po Chicken Rice instead. I hope he's not getting phobic from eating bad Prawn Mee. Haha. :p

Our food arrived after quite a while. And any food from our favourite Chinese stall is worth waiting because they will only give you the best. Quality assured! Haha. Check out Superhero S's Prawn Mee.

The bowl is just soooooo HUGE! OMG. I've never eaten such a big bowl of Prawn Mee before. And the uncle actually gave us 5 big prawns!!! WOW. So worth it. Some more got fish cake slices (strange but well? Hehe) and chicky bits. Seriously, the amount of noodles and rice vermicelli was so much, 2 people can easily share this bowl of Prawn Mee.

And the best thing about this Prawn Mee is the thick soup!!! I particularly hate Prawn Mee with diluted soup. Yuck! But this one is excellent. :p

Superhero W's Kung Po Chicken Rice
is also something to drool over.

Nice flavour from the dried chillies and the portion of chicken is of course, PLENTIFUL! Heheh. Now if only the uncle can spare us some cashew nuts hoh, this dish would surely be out of this world! Haha. Oh, and don't forget to order this with fried egg. *grins*

Our tummies are happy for now
. Yes, after any disastrous meal, don't forget to pamper your tummy yeah! :p


Big Boys Oven said...

this two dishes really looks good, you two are so lucky!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey big boys, no lah..hahah. We were just really lucky to have found one such good stall. Now we're sharing it with all of you.. hehe.. :p

fatboybakes said...

hey, (excuse the stupidity of this question), is this in KL (the prawn me)? coz newton food court doesnt sound kl-ish...sounds singaporean (i know, i know, its two separate places...hence stupidity of the question)...

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..the prawn mee featured in this post is in KL. But the yucky one in Newton is in Malacca. :p