Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lousy food at Newton Food Court (bleark!)

Seldom a fan of food courts, with the recent exception of our slurpee Ipoh Hor Fun at DDP Food Court, the two superheroes and Superhero Mum decided to venture into Newton Food Court, along Jalan Parameswara (? I'm not sure of the street name)

This food court is arguably one of the most crowded and most famous foodie place in Malacca if you're hunting for assorted hawker food. You name the food, Newton has it. Parking is easy, which explains the crowd. And there's the variety too, I suppose.

When it comes to the pricing, Newton's hawker stalls have it just like regular food courts where they over-price everything and under delivers. Which is also the reasons why we dislike food courts. Not many stalls are genuinely good in what they sell.

Anyway, it's Superhero W's first time trying out the food in Newton, and he ordered Prawn Mee, priced at RM5 (which is damn expensive in Malacca).

The Prawn Mee is nothing to shout about. And it's definitely over-priced and under-delivered. There are certainly better Prawn Mee stalls out there in Malacca. This one fares below-average. Bad bad.

Superhero S and Superhero Mum decided to go for the Sizzling Chicken Noodles.

Also nothing to shout about, and it's only marginally better than the Prawn Mee. *sigh*

To complement our meal, Superhero Mum ordered some Yong Tau Foo, which just tastes okay.

We thought we could save the day by ordering Newton's special drinks. Superhero Mum ordered Ice Blended Soursop which tasted nothing like sour sop and it's too sweet. The two superheroes both shared a tiny bowl of Nyonya Cendol which was a complete rip-off. There's only ice, a few red beans (I can actually count them!) and NO CENDOL! *faints!*

Lousy food in Newton. That will probably be the last time we're EVER making our way back there again. Bleark!


erinalaw said...

Wah......... that bad har. The prawn noodles really don't look good.

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah is THAT bad. Haha..barely any prawns in the prawn noodles also. Some more charge so expensive. *sigh*

dcyk said...

aiyo, how to call chendol without chendol, really give bad mark to melaka cendol

twosuperheroes said...

yeah lor, dcyk. Notice that we didn't even bothered to put up any photos of the cendol? Really bad uh. *double sigh*

anthraxxxx said...

Agreed. I never like the food in Newton. Even the ikan bakar suck now.

L'abeille said...

It's time for you to save the world my superheroes. 'Zap' the foodcourt off our planet away from all 'innocent' hungry souls ;)

L'abeille said...

Oh..maybe I should update our GPS system. I'll locate the foodcourt add an additional comment "The superheroes said the food here is lousy" hehehe

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah lor, anthraxxxx. I tried the ikan bakar last time with Superhero Mum and indeed it was just so-so. *triple sigh*

twosuperheroes said...


Okay, Newton is no longer in the list. Die already. Muahahahaa... :p