Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Authentic Nyonya Laksa and Pai Tee in Malacca

The two superheroes were back in home sweet home, Malacca last weekend for more foodie adventures and of course, to visit Superhero Mum. *smiles*

Since we've already feasted on 2 rounds of super-delicious Yong Tau Foo the last time we went back, so we decided to fly over to Tengkera for the best authentic Nyonya Laksa and kuehs around.

Don't look down on this barely-anything stall because they have been here for decades! Yeah. And you think no one would actually notice this little corner shop by the side of a little road? Well, in Malacca, news of good food travels FAST.

Just like when we came here early in the morning, this place has only 2 other tables of customers. Right after we finished our meal, the whole place got so crowded with the consistent streams of customers.

Superhero W ordered their Nasi Lemak, priced at RM2.50. Check it out. Love the kangkung!!!

Superhero S and her Superhero Mum both ordered their signature Nyonya Laksa, priced at RM3.50 each. The uncle recommended us another of their signature orders, Pai Tee, which is actually Top Hat.

The Laksa is as authentic as it can get, and the portion is just perfect for me. Not so sure if it's enough to feed others. I have a small tummy, remember? Hahahhah... *wink* Quite spicy, but that's why it's delicious. Hot and spicy! Yummmmm....!! :p

The Pai Tee came soonafter.

Looks like it has those popiah fillings, topped with shreded eggs, cucumbers and lotsa fried shallots. We took a bite out of that little Top Hat and it's absolutely delicious!!! The outer "shell" is crispy and the popiah filling is really superb. This is a must-try! The Pai Tee is priced at RM3 for 5 pieces.

The best thing about eating in this open-air shop is the whole ambience actually. Imagine eating amidst all these greenery.

With the gentle wind caressing your face (giving u an air-y facial!), downing that bowl of HOT laksa is truly a satisfying adventure! :p

P/S: Chef Y, next time when there's a chance, we'll bring u here ok? Haha.. :p


Jasonmumbles said...

Bring me go. I don't know the place. Tengkera is not my area. :P

YozoraNiteSky said...

wah..i know great nasi lemaks when i see one..coz they sure have the kangkong as a side...and i cannot wait for makan-makan trip to your lovely hometown..maybe meet up people like jasonmumbles and many others too..:D

L'abeille said...

*In your blog in a silent room*

Aiyor...I can hear my tummy playing the "hungry song" wei!!! Tedum..tedum...terrrrdummmmm...

Oh btw, you've been tagged.

twosuperheroes said...

Can.....Jason and Y, no prob! hahah.. *wink* :p

anthraxxxx said...

which part of tengkera is this?

twosuperheroes said...

anthraxxx, it's located at the lorong beside the masjid in tengkera... hope it helps! :p

weh L'abeille...bising la ur tummy! time we bring you to makan this laksa too okay... :p

will check out the tag!

anthraxxxx said...

oh yes! there are some malay graves beside it too right?

twosuperheroes said...

erm...didn't really notice that though..Haha. I don't have the tendency to notice graves actually. Foodie seems like the better picture! Haahah. :p

But I guess you should be right. Only 1 masjid in tengkera rite..the old, white coloured one.. should hv graves there I suppose. :p

zewt said...

so this is where the superheroes been hiding eh...?

twosuperheroes said...

hahahhah...yeah zewt! *grins* You can always find the twosuperheroes here at their hideout.. :p