Friday, March 28, 2008

Delicious Ipoh Hor Fun at DDP Food Court

Since the day we saw KY eating his yummylicious Soo Kee Ipoh Hor Fun at PJ Seapark, we've been desperately trying to find the opportunity to make our way there. But just before we try Soo Kee, we'd thought it would be a good idea to look around Taman Desa for any good Ipoh Hor Fun too. Haha.

And so, we ventured to DDP Food Court, a monstrous foodie area located right next to the Shell station in Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road. We're not usually a fan of food courts, because we thought that good food has to be sold exclusively in their own shops, not sharing tenancy.

A bit of a misconception there I suppose. Because we actually found a pretty good Ipoh Hor Fun stall over at DDP! Haha. Superhero S immediately flew to the uncle selling the hor fun and ordered a bowl of hor fun topped with additional steamed chicken.

The bowl of Hor Fun arrived at our table shortly after we were both comfortably seated in this airy food court. The first thing I did was to taste the soup. Hwahhh.... Not bad uh. It has this rather distinctive yet subtle prawn taste to it that is absolutely delicious. Not sure if it's meant to have this prawn taste but I sure don't mind its presence in my soup!

The uncle sure did gave me lotsa steamed chicky pieces. Priced at RM5 (or was it RM5.50) with that additional chicky pieces, I would say it's reasonably priced.

Superhero W decided to go for something entirely different with his Special Chicken Chop Rice. I don't actually have this appetite for Fried Chicken in the morning but this one is really really appetizing! The chicken chop is really crispy and flavourful.... But the rice is just rice lah. Haha. There's also a scoopful of coleslaw to complement the dish.

Judging from the endless stream of crowd pouring in, the other stalls in this food court must be pretty good too. Ohhh... can't wait to try the rest of them!! Haha.. :p


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

I dont know if the stall is still there, this place has a very very nice claypot wine chicken.

It is located at the stalls opposite the drinks counter.

This lady sells claypot bak kut teh as well. Her wine chicken is worth a try!


twosuperheroes said...

really??? then must try if like that.. Thanks for the info, wetwetwater! :p

dcyk said...

ya that claypot shop is still there, i'm a regular at that place last time but it gets boring after a going far far away to eat hahahaha.

oh ya, you should try their prawn wantan hofan if u think their chicken ho fan is good.

The satay stall is a very very slow coach...sien with them

But actually 5 something is not cheap or reasonable le, i count it on the slightly pricy side. You want cheaper food go to OUG and eat around there.

There's a famous Pan Mee and chicken rice in New Swee Hing, and there's a famous wantanmee, prawn mee, lo me, and pork noodles in New Sun Ho (Signboard cannot see anything all yellow, but it's diagonally opposite New Swee hing)

You should see the traffic around that area in saturday sunday mornings around OUG market

twosuperheroes said...

Not very familiar with OUG...haha..yet to explore Old Klang Road thoroughly..but will try to find the shop since you said it's good! :p