Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vroom vroooooom... and there goes my Ferrari.

Check it out, our brand new Ferrari! Don't play play. This sexy Ferrari is a speed demon that can churn out the most masculine roar from its engine.

Or rather from the battery-operated vroom vrooooooom sound it emits. Hehe.

This little fella is no joke man. It can actually make a speeding sound a la Formula 1. Kimi Raikonnen's little toy I reckon. Haha. :p

"I miss my car.. hurm...."

I really have to pui fuk "salute" the toy makers these days. When you buy petrol from Shell, you just need to add-on some $$ to purchase this little beauty. Despite it being a toy that's less than RM10, I have to say the worksmanship is not bad indeed. Something like what you can get from Hot Wheels! *wink*

Remember those days when we were little superheroes, we didn't have the luxury to own a Ferrari also. Kids these days really have all the luck! Paling paling also we can get those free little cars from buying Colgate or Darlie. Heh heh. Never mind. I don't mind getting the real deal for a change.

This Ferrari sure makes a good father to the little Ferrari we've got in our hands eh? Haha.

exactly the same model...the FERRARI FXX!!