Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Famous Fish Paste Bee Hoon (Yesss...I found it!)

On one beautiful Sunday morning, the two superheroes managed to rise and shine as early as 8.00 a.m. to have their beautiful breakfast to set the pace for a beautiful day ahead! And thank goodness Superhero S lives just a stone's throw away from delicious breakfast at Taman Danau Desa. Yummmmm...

Restoran Ho A One Seafood Steamboat is very famous for their Fish Head Bee Hoon. I know it's contradicting to its name. Should these guys be selling steamboat?? Haha. That's what they do at night actually. The crowd comes pouring in from early morning right till noon non-stop and that's how the crowd's usually going to be throughout the week. Yes! Their business is THAT good.

We wanted to try their signature Fish Head Bee Hoon but later changed our mind because we weren't really fish head fans after all. So, better go for their Fish Paste Bee Hoon or Yu Wat instead.

OMG. This is exactly the Yu Wat that I've been hunting high and low for! Oh how I've missed you!!! Haha. The last time I tasted yet another famous authentic Yu Wat is in Seri Kembangan when I was still in my uni days a couple of years back. The one at Seri Kembangan too is packed to the brim. *grins*

And I love restaurants that are packed because it serves as an indicator that the food must be GOOD! Haha. But we ordered 2 bowls of Fish Paste Bee Hoon, priced at RM6.50 per bowl. Thinking that it's expensive?

Oh NO. In fact when the large bowl of Fish Head Bee Hoon arrived at our table, we were so happy to see so many fish paste swimming happily in our soup!! OMG!! There's 6 of them. No..I mean 7! No... it should be 8! Haha. All big big ones!! :p

The jumbo fish paste and the amount of it is enough to justify its price. Tastes very homemade indeed! And the soup is really incredible...!!! No strong taste from the milk as the ginger and salty vegetable (or at least I think so) have brought out such strong flavours, leaving it only with a slight hint of milky taste.

Very very nice indeed! Oh, just a reminder, these folks are closed on Mondays. The restaurant is located at a corner lot amongst the shoplots at Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road. If you know your way around Kuchai Lama, Old Klang Road or Seputeh, this area shouldn't be difficult to find. *wink*