Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HOT HOT nasi lemak coming at Menara HLA

Okay JenJen, we've got what you're waiting for. HOT HOT nasi lemak coming!!


We introduced one of our favourite nasi lemak stalls at Wisma Cosway just recently. Another of our favourite gerai selling HOT HOT nasi lemak in the morning is located just right in front of Menara HLA. Yup, that's the tall building next to Borneo Baruk Club, the place where Nuffnangers gathered in their lingeries and PJs last Saturday for the Pajamas Party. :p

The little make-shift gerai is managed by a Malay couple and is very very popular among office people who are working around the area. When the two superheroes needed to have breakfast before work, they would stop their cute Nissan at the bus stop in front of Menara HLA.

Superhero W would then walk over to the gerai to tapau our breakfast while Superhero S waits patiently in the car for her favourite breakfast. OH! *starts drooling...*

Superhero W would always go for their Nasi Lemak which is absolutely delicious. Powerful sambal, and the rice is really fragrant. The whole combination just works beautifully and at only RM 1.00, this is soooooo much more worth it than eating roti canai these days. Flour is expensive now. :p

...while Superhero S cannot live without her ready-cooked kuey teow goreng + mee goreng combo topped with lotsa fried anchovies and curry kuah. MMmmmmMMMmmm..........

But of course if you're more adventurous, there are lots more side dishes for you to choose from in that gerai. But nasi lemak and the makcik's goreng2 is definitely a great start to a beautiful day ahead.

We've just had our fill. *burp!*


Haha. :p

P/S: OH. Since the makcik and pakcik's gerai is so popular, their food sells like hot cakes everyday. If you want to catch them before they close, get there before 9.00 am to be safe. And they're closed on Saturdays and Sundays. :p


Big Boys Oven said...

walio! I am drooling now for a pack of nsai lemak! yours looks so delicious!

twosuperheroes said...

Hahaha...better give you a pail for you to store your drools first. :p

But the nasi lemak is really good. You should try it if there's a chance. *wink*

Xanydude said...

hey you know what I realized? That pak cik/ mak cik you posted about is probably damn rich by now. RM1 multiplied by thousands a month is quite some cash...

maybe i should stop working on my own business idea and make mee goreng or something and sell it from a stall =P

oh, and you said u tagged me? tagged me in what?

twosuperheroes said...

dude...great plan..but before you conquer the world, you gotta find out the secret ingredient the makcik used to make her nasi lemak so good! :p

yeah..we tagged you..meaning we've just passed the baton to you. Read the post before this and you'll figure it out. Hopefully. :p

Jen's Place said...

I am sooo touched, nasi lemak post just for me!! send flying muahhhh 2 super heroes many times!

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..yup JenJen, nasi lemak post dedicated to you! haha.. :p