Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rotiboy, they've got buns to die for!

Whenever the twosuperheroes didn't feel like lunching on Malay economy rice "chap fan" or Chinese fried dishes, we would make our way to Suria KLCC to hunt for our favourite ROTIBOY buns!

Arhhhhh....!!! We love... we love... we love Rotiboy!! :p

Eating roti these days is not cheap indeed. Must be the rising price of flour. Even roti kosong costs RM 0.90 now. *sweats* But eating bread can be a fresh take on those usual lunchy food that can get pretty jelak (sickening) at times.

And eating bread can be really filling too. Just pop in a nice big bun, drink some water... and wait for it to kembang. Once you're feeling all bloated up, you know the bun's working its magic already. Haha. *grins*

So Superhero W went in to KLCC to tapau some buns from Rotiboy so that we can have a romantic lunch for two in the middle of Jalan Ampang. See, we've got a bagful of bread! Haha.

We love Rotiboy's Corn Bun which is absolutely irresistable!!! Must try this one! What we love about the bread at Rotiboy is that they are really really fresh and SOFT and most importantly, they really don't mind pumping your bread with lotsa filling! Yum yum... can't wait to bite on my Corn Bun.. :p

And there's of course Rotiboy's signature bun, the Rotiboy itself! Ta-da!

Yes. That round round bun packed with a powerful coffee and butter taste that is entirely EXPLOSIVE! And... you can smell the Rotiboy from a mile away! Haha. We never went for imitations of this bun because Rotiboy serves the best ones around already. Hot and tasty! Thanks to our good friend, Shamini for buying two extra Rotiboys for us. :p

But we've discovered that Rotiboy serves not only excellent Rotiboy but superb Pizza Bun too!!! So good that they're really mind-blowing! OMG.

What's so good about this Pizza Bun is that it's sooOOOooo creamy and cheesy and SOFT! Together with the hot dog, this pizza is to die for. Really to die for. Seriously. Whoa, I'm drooling already. Heh heh. :p

OH can't wait to have our Pizza Bun again...!


Merqury said...

aaah.. its yummy..

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..yeah..rotiboy is absolutely yummilicious! *grins*

swordbomber said...

YES! Me love RotiBoy!
I can smell them as far as from the tunnel!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey swordbomber, can definitely know a rotiboy when you smell one eh! Even from a distance! :p