Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheezy Chicky & Seaweed Fish Paste rice noodles

The two superheroes once again ventured outdoors to jalan jalan cari makan. Tired of flying here and there, they decided to come back to earth and walk a few steps to Tasty Recipe chinese restaurant once again to check out on other food on their menu.

We seriously didn't mind returning there again and again because the service is good and the food... OH! The food is sooooo yummy! The good thing about this restaurant is that the food's quality is really consistent. So we didn't have to worry about being served lousy food on occasions when the restaurant is crowded.

This time, we went there with 2 good friends who work just closeby, Winnie and MC. Too bad the girls already have home-cooked dinner waiting for them. So only the two superheroes were eating. Superhero W ordered Cheezy Chicken, which of course comes with rice.

Staying close to its name, the Cheezy Chicken is really really cheesy...
Yeah. OUR KIND of food! Haha. The portion of the chicken is generous but the dish could've been better if it wasn't just all cheese which can feel a bit dry. Perhaps the cook should've complemented the dish with more sauce! Yeah...more cheeeeezeee!! :p

Superhero S decided to go for one of their signature dishes which is the Seaweed Fish Paste Rice Noodle. I was thinking that it could've been the "yu wat" (with the milk) that I was hoping for. But the dish turned out to be rice noodle in seaweed soup with fish paste. Haha.

But it's wasn't too bad. They are really ridiculously generous with the rice noodle, so this is a really really filling dish. Really really big bowl and it could've been shared by two.

For drinks, we went for 2 Cincaus. Niceeeeeee..... just what we needed on a warm warm day! :p

After having 3 consecutive dinners at Tasty Recipe over a short span, maybe it's time to fly elsewhere to try out new foodie. Haha. Anyone wanna fly with us? *wink* :p


Quickening said...


I confess... it's... my... comfort food...
*cries for rice noodle soups*

twosuperheroes said...

hahah....chanting "rice-noodle-soup"???

Hush hush...don't cry, quickening...You can have the rice noodle soup picture in our post. Haha.. :p

L'abeille said...

Mmm..mana ini tempat ar?

sisterofheaven said...

hohoho! the food looks great!
where is that restoran anyway??
and is it halal?

i might wanna go there :D
seems sooo yummy the cheesy chicken!

bongkersz said...

come here always feel hungry.. sob sob sob :P

twosuperheroes said...

Auntie L'abeille....Tasty recipe is at Taman Danau Desa, you can read more about it from our previous post

Go try it..their loh shu fun is very very nice! haha.. :p

twosuperheroes said...

hey bella, too bad the restaurant is non-halal, because there are some dishes that serve porky. :(

hey bongkersz, now now, don't be sad. You can always come here and drool all you want! Haha... :p

sisterofheaven said...

aww man! that sucks!

twosuperheroes said...

hahah...sorry to disappoint you, bella! Maybe you can try your hand at making the cheezy chicky...who knows it could turn out to be better than this.. :p