Monday, February 25, 2008

Move over McDonalds, this Chicken Porridge will give you a run for your money

Besides Superhero S's first attempt at cooking Nasi Lemak not too long ago, this is yet another of her 1st attempt at a whole new dish... Chicken Porridge!!

Yeah... Haha. I know you're laughing and thinking that "WAH!!! This girl doesn't even know how to cook bubur ayam worrr...." Which is not completely baseless because I have never tried cooking porridge at any time before. Been too busy cooking rice mahhh.. Where got time want to cook bubur worrrr?! :p

And without wasting anymore time, Superhero S decided to cook Bubur Ayam McD for lunch. Haha... After sitting down and visualising how to cook porridge and thinking what ingredients are needed, she's off to work on her Chicky porridge. *fingers and toes crossed that it turns out well...* Haha.

Check it out. My Bubur Ayam McD is still boiling...

And complete!!!

How? Okay or not? Lookin' and smellin' good over here... Even the texture is just perfecto! Haha. Thank goodness my Bubur Ayam McD turned out just all ritey! Add some fried anchovies... OH! Best-nya.. Notice that the spring onions and fried shallots are suspiciously missing? Can't have 'em onboard. Because Superhero S hates 'em! Hehe. :p

So, Superhero W... Okay or not my Bubur Ayam McD?
Superhero W answered my question by whacking my whole big pot of porridge, leaving only the big big bowl.

And yes, he's still alive and kicking! :p


Anonymous said...

I wanna taste that homemade bubur ayam mcd!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey Neo..haha..Sure time I'll have them delivered right to your doorstep ok?! :p