Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on the red carpet. Where are my Oscars?

Thanks to sweet JenJen, the twosuperheroes received like 4 straight awards in one post. Clean sweep ah. Haha. Since it's been quite a while since we last participated in the awards seasons for blogs, *grins* it got us thinking, "Hey! we are back on the red carpet once again eh?! Same time with the Oscars!"

Where are our bald-headed naked gold figurines? Heh heh. :p

And so, we received the following awards. *drum rolls please*

Rated Excellence and Five Star Blog Award

Peace and Blogging with a Purpose Award

As what most noble bloggers would always do, we would like to dedicate and present these awards to the following high-flying bloggers we love. It's all in the name of healthy fun and good spirit okay. Haha. *applause for our lovely bloggers!*

Yozoranitesky because we're hengtai chimui and we love all your home-made foodies

L'abeille and X-T because you're both getting married

Quickening because you are just so lovely and interesting

Dreckker because you're the first ever blogger we've met and you've been so nice

And of course, Andrew Ooi because we love our currently ongoing TwoSuperheroes vs. AndrewOoi competition

Congratulations! *grins*


Quickening said...

Haha, thanks! :D
Here's something to return the appreciation. Made it in just under 2 hours. :)

twosuperheroes said...

Hey quickening! WOOOOOOOOWWWW..... That is just so sweet of u! Love the fact that you made Superhero W fly with the XXL cheeseburger eh. Haha... Niceee. Thank you so much! :p

L'abeille said...

Wahhhh... didn't know getting married also can get award! Dang kiu..dang kiu

twosuperheroes said...

Of course can, Auntie L'abeille....heh heh. Getting married is no joke worr.. *winks* :p