Saturday, February 23, 2008

My first disappointment with Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam

Remember the post where we told you that we would be hunting down Ipoh Old Town Kopitiams around KL? :p

We initially intended to head over to the newly-opened outlet over at 3 Miles Square, Old Klang Road. But right at the last minute, there was a change of plan and we headed over to the also quite newly-opened Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam at Berjaya Times Square instead! *oh food... drools!*

Situated just next to GSC Level 3 and with the many buntings guiding you the way and pointing the direction, you can't possibly get lost. We find that it's much cooler than the outlet at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng where we ate previously since it shares the air-con with Times Square.

The service is good too, if not for a certain staff there who insisted on speaking Cantonese to Superhero W despite him repeatedly answering back in English. Superhero W's understanding of Cantonese is very very limited to "sek fan lah" (makan-lah), "kau meng ar" (help!), "song pei lei" (a gift for you) and "sarangeh" (I love you). Oh wait. That is Korean! Haha... So you see, the first 2 phrases is important for survival, while the following 2 are to please Superhero S. Haha. :p

After checking out the menu, Superhero W ordered his favourite Nasi Lemak Special again because he can't seem to have enough of it, while Superhero S decided to try something different. Curry Mee lahhhhh... my favourite... Hehe...

Well, the Nasi Lemak Special is of course still as yummy as ever. You really gotta try their nasi lemak because its really one of their specialties. As for the curry mee, if you're seated near our table, you can actually see smoke coming out from my ears, see my hair rising, and my face turning red like a tomato.

It's soooo...soooo...sooooooooooooo delicious!!!!!!! However, the curry mee could be a little spicy for people who cannot handle spicy food well. But the portion is ridiculously BIG... But sure can finish wan...because it's too tasty! The noodles that they use is slightly thinner than the usual mee, and the hot flaming curry is damn thick and powerful! Just look at how RED the colour is... *drools...* MUST-try! :p

And for some munching after our big meal, we decided to order their Curry Puff Basket @ RM2.20. This is a disappointment. Not recommended as it tastes only so-so and the size of the curry puffs are extremely to the small!

For drinks, Superhero W had his Special Iced Blended Coffee Original while Superhero tried the "Cham" or coffee + tea since it was recommended by Falcon. Not too bad, the coffee taste is stronger in Cham, but guess since I'm a tea lover, I kinda still preferred the Xi Mut Milk Tea or "teh-c-ping"...

So far, we've tried two different outlets and the food is consistently good and the portion consistently BIG... Haha.. This franchise should be able to go very far. Just hope it doesn't end up like Secret Recipe by becoming over-commercialized, thus forsaking its quality altogether at times. :p


Kimberlycun said...

times square is a nice place to shop but not exactly a food haven

hcfoo said...

Secret Recipe cannot be compared to OTK already. You should see how many of their kopitiam outlets grow in just a couple of years.

Besides Malaysians still prefer local food. By the way, the Old Town Kopitiam in Aman Puri serves better white coffee.

Leopard said...

Ah, tat's exactly what I usually order: Nasi Lemak, Curry Mee, Cham and maybe a toast when we get too hungry :D Can try the Nissin Noodle also... good..

twosuperheroes said...

hey kimberly! wow..many would beg to differ your statement but I'm okay with shopping in Times Square..not many people mah.. :p

hey hcfoo, haha..I understand what you mean by incomparable already. Secret Recipe's quality control is screwed. :p

Hii Superhero bro come to comment oh..Ei, we got same taste mah. But Nissin Noodles? You sure or not...the last time I had Nissin Noodles in Wong Kok, it tastes like Maggi Mee.. Btw, try their Ipoh Hor Fun lar..very nice also. Hehe.. :p

dcyk said...

ugh. just as i was saying OTK in old klang road was good, i have had a very very bad experience there now.

Their servers are all non Malaysian, Burmese i think, and it's hard to get them to understand what we're saying.

On Sunday my in laws came down to KL. So i thought, hmm bring them there for some nice coffee and some nice food.

We ordered the drinks and my Mom in law took some noodles, and we asked for some toast. First of all their brown bread was sold out?????? how can signature dish get sold out leh, no more brown bread, they ask us if we will take the white bread. So i no choice lo, i say ok, since i want snack only.

In the end, the drinks and noodles came, my Mom in law finished her noodles, the toast were no where in sight. WTF. I asked them, they checked, and never got back to me at all on my food status, they even had the cheek to give me a toast rejected by the next table because they never told the next table no more brown bread and just simply gave them white toast.

I asked them to cancell all the toast, then i went to pay my other food, and the manager there never even said sorry for inconvenience caused, really lousy, i do not recommmend going there.

GO to those OTK with chinese waiters better.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey dcyk, didn't expect the outlet at 3 Miles to be so teruk wan. We haven't made our way there yet. You should've made an official complaint with the Management. Don't bother with the Manager there since the guy obviously didn't cared much.

Shall take your advice.. Thanks for sharing! :)

SilveRaveN said...

have you guys ever tried tea + milo? nescafe + milo = neslo right? so i guess it's called telo or smtg... :p anyways, a friend of mine from kedah recommended it. if you can try one, let us know what it tastes like. :p

twosuperheroes said...

hey silveraven! Haha..okay..Neslo is nice...but telo?? Heehehhe...It's kinda cute really. Maybe we can experiment it on our own sometime eh. Dunno where I can find it outside. Mamak? :p