Friday, January 2, 2009

Superdog at Vivo City, Singapore

Okay, after the two superheroes' super important announcement just before New Year, it's time to get back to our foodie adventures in Singapore! Continuing from where we left off in our previous Singapore post with a Superdog teaser, we're going to bring you over to Vivo City for a lil munching on the hot "doggie" dogs brand! *grins*

We were in Vivo City for more shopping (particularly to see what Daiso is all about!) and makan-ing during our final night in Singapore because the place is just a stone's throw away from our hotel. Not walkable, but definitely driveable... Haha. Well, Vivo City is in fact just adjacent to the gateway to Sentosa Island, but since time wasn't exactly on our side, we had to kiss goodbye to the idea of dipping in Siloso Beach.

After a brief shopping trip at Giant (yes, Giant!!) for some orders from Debbie and friends, the party headed over to Superdog, located at the basement (we think) of Vivo City. Not having heard of this fast food joint before this, it looked really promising actually. The crowd is there, and the food sure looks good from the menu!

And yes, they even have a philosophy!! Check out the Superdog Philosophy and their Hot Dog Etiquette... Haha. :p

OH, and having a horribly short memory span doesn't help with remembering the names of the foodie at Superdog... for now, we'll just have to make do with this burger being called... the Chicken Burger! And this hot "doggie" dog below as the Chicken Hot Dog... *grins*

The following is another variety of Hot Dog from the menu...We didn't exactly order their Superdog (yeah, as in a hot dog of their brand name) which is actually beef hot dog. Body was getting too heaty with all the sinful foodie we had in a mere span of 2 days! *sweats*

And these fries are the Cheesy Beef Fries.... Apparently, we heard that this is a signature item at Superdog. A must-order. Haha. :p

And of course, our Fish 'n' Chips... I believe that's not the food's actual glamorous name on the menu. We're still on the memory loss thingee... Haha.

So what about the food eh? Hmm... well...I think they are just....well....



Haha... No kidding!! Especially their hot "doggie" dogs!!! OMG. Imagine biting into the hot crisp on the outside, and juicy, tender meat on the inside... OH.......... I'm salivating at the mere thought of sinking my teeth into the sausages again. Unforgettable! With so much topping to shout about, this Superdog sure delivers!

And their fish 'n' chips is absolutely delicious!!! Tastes very fresh and of course...very crispy as well! Haha.. we love this place! We're definitely putting Superdog as our MUST GO foodie destination in our next trip to Singapore next time... Oh yeah.... *grins*

We LOVE Superdog!!! Haha. :p


jelly said...

omg! superdog! i miss cheesy beef fries so so so so so much!!! :(

can anyone from singapore tapao for me???

twosuperheroes said...

Hahahah...We knew you'd come, jelly! Because it's Superdog!! :p

Des said...

Wah, I read this entry adee and I also wana say,... I love superdog adee!!!

hahaha the heroes are so influential, aren't they? hehehe

care to x-links?

thanks for visiting earlier!

foongpc said...

Twosuperheroes eating Superdog? How dare you eat your own kind? LOL!!

Honestly, haven't eaten Superdog before. OK, since you praise it so much, I will try it next time I go Singapore! : )

twosuperheroes said... lah, des...we're just normal superheroes... must be modest a bit mah.. *wink*

yeah, foong... you shld try eating our "kind" too... since you obviously can't eat superdog! Haha. :p

jelly said...

:( sigh. i really miss superdog. :(

Tekkaus said...

Superdog??? Really that super delicious? You guys are making me drooling! Can you guys send it to me via DHL? LOL =D

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah, jelly...same here!! :(

Haha...unfortunately we're back in KL already, tekkaus... We WISHED we could still buy superdog for u! :p