Friday, January 18, 2008

Chinese New Year MUST HAVE -- The Prosperity Burger

The two superheroes were doing what they do best again last Tuesday. Not wanting to miss the season's hottest must-have food, they headed off to McDonalds @ Ampang Park to grab a bite off their favourite Prosperity Burger.


I've been waiting for you for 365 days...and you're finally here!

Yeah, we know we're a bit late in eating Prosperity Burger but's still before Chinese New Year ok?! :p

Superhero W ordered 1 Prosperity Beef while Superhero S ordered 1 Prosperity Chicky. The bill came to about slightly over RM20 but it's all worth it. Can never complaint much when it comes to this black pepper variety. MmmmmmmMMMMMmmmm....

Haha. Superhero W would have been more pleased though if there were more black pepper sauce on his one but after having tried both the burgers, I will settle for Prosperity Chicky as the better of the two. The chicky version somehow seem to taste better and it's more moist than the Beef version.

But anyhow, at the end of the day, we're both lovin' it! Haha. Can't wait for another round of Prosperity before it goes off the menu again. OH the curly fries...!! *starts fantasizing about how curly is the curly* :p


ShuKuen7788 said...

Wow, i am having it last night too.. Chicky..
I don't so like the taste, but donno why every year I will still order when i see the poster there.
The drink, tarak ngam me leh... Softdrink better for me..

twosuperheroes said...'s like a yearly must-have thing la this Prosperity Burger. Yeah, have to agree that the "green tea" (which actually tastes more like jasmine tea) is not for everyone. Last year's drink was better..the one where they mixed minute maid and 7-Up or sth... :)

jelly said...

I love beef one the most!
i must have that again before the beef prosperity is gone in feb!

Aven said...

I like prosperity Burger too.. I bet it would taste better with PORKs..


sisterofheaven said...


i prefer the beef one than the chicky.. :D

the green tea oklah.. the orange thingy last year pun ok but somehow made my tekak sore..
too much gas i think..

but can always switch d drink so i took ice milo lol!


regret to say la.. this year the sizing are like totally small!!

twosuperheroes said...

hey jelly, haha..ok ok..yeah, better go quick then! We're planning to get a second bite too... :p

hi aven, porky?? Hmm...well, you could always go home and make your own version of a porky prosperity! :p

hi sisterofheaven, really?? I mean, the orangy one really made your throat sore? They must've added too much of the minute maid I suppose..But I kinda like the green tea one..really refreshing. But I have to admit it's not for everyone.. :p

L'abeille said...

Ok, must listen to superheroes... heading to McD to get Prosperity burger for a better year..Oh wait! Make it double the serving for double the prosperity? haha

twosuperheroes said...

wah l' want to get double prosperity isit? As people say it, being fat is "fook"...hahaaa.. :p