Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Dang" system in Innit (Nuffnang) is being abused

If you're a Nuffnanger, you will know what I'm talking about. What's up with the dang system? It's ridiculous seeing blog posts being danged till they are -8 and so on. Isn't this a case of blogs being humiliated by certain people who may be abusing it to put down other blogs?

We write blogs for bloggers and for whoever readers who are not bloggers. We take much effort in cracking our brains to write you a good post to laugh about or to teach you to earn $$ or whatever. Getting humiliated with a -ve score isn't helping us or any other bloggers in any respect at all. So what now? Should there be a top danged post? Or most danged post? Or voted "lousiest" post?

Isn't it enough with the NANG system going on before the DANG system is introduced? The theory is simple. If you like the post, you nang it. If you somehow feel that you get turned off or disgusted by the post, you leave it alone and don't nang it AND avoid it at all cost or even black list the blog or whatever it is that you want to do.

But seeing your post being danged irresponsibly till it becomes -99 (literally) is ridiculous! This is only going to make bloggers to NOT want to ping posts through Innit because of the sheer irresponsibility of certain people in putting down a blog.

Imagine putting up your post in Innit and the next thing you know, you got danged till -6. Now how would you feel. Not good for the morale I suppose. And then the guy thinks that hey, maybe I am such a lousy blogger who can't write good posts. "Lemme try again." He tries again, cracking his brain to write another post. Puts it up in Innit. Got danged till -7 this time. Get what I mean? There are jokers out there who take pride in danging people!

Yes. We are putting up this post because we got danged. And because many other poor fellas got danged far worse than us as well. We put this up because we took so much effort crafting up a post but still ended up being abused in Innit. In fact, every new posts gets danged. We've really done our homework and monitored Innit. So this is not a baseless accusation.

OK, even if there IS a good reason behind this dang system. But why is a post allowed to be danged till it becomes -ve? Why not just stop at 0? Wouldn't it be better that way? If a post is being nanged unreasonably, and some kindred soul wants to stand up for the rest of the community to take justice in his hands and dang the lousy post. FINE.

But why not just strip off whatever unjustified glory of the lousy post and dang it till it becomes zero and leave it alone? Why must the lousy post be further punished and humiliated beyond reasons?

Timothy or Ming, if you guys are reading this, perhaps you may want to think over what we're facing here. Thanks. We'd appreciate it.


Aronil said...

I thoroughly agree with you... I'm so annoyed by how everyone abuses everything! I still think the system is not the best in fact now it has become worse!

pinksterz said...

yes i saw it too.

IMO this nang and dang system is quite stupid (sorry nuffnang but it is my opinion).

you see, if a blogger managed to gain a group of friends to nang/dang surely can abuse the system easily.

they should not intro us this system in the first place IMO. i am getting sick of innit already but then i haven't kena the dang/nang issue yet so better i keep my mouth shut first and be a spectator of the drama only.

Anonymous said...

Say "Tak Nak" to the Danging!

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I've got a prediction, I'm waiting for the time when there will be at least 5 negatives in the Top 10 list.

Adrian said...

Unfortunately, that is how thing is. If they are to go to and review why Digg can be so successful. If you like it, nang it (or digg it). If you don't like it, then you just nang it (or digg it), it is that simple.

Of course, there are people out there who would just dang everyone's post so that their post will be the "Popular list" and that will make their post stay for 24 hours, to gather more attention and more to attract more visitors.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired of the innit way cos almost 70% of these posts are talking about SEX, PORNO, or something in effect in their topic to get the attention...

So now I just don't really bother with it anymore.

Abby said...

i HATE DANG IT! down with dang it!

Adino said...

Well written. Agree with you that Dangs should be limited to zero, or at least there will be ability to track who Nang / Dang a post so we can spot any abuse

Freethinker said...

The problem started bcoz of the democracy and the people involved. By again, leaving the same concept without intervention to the same group... this is a human nature error... which should have been anticipated.

I still think moderation by auto keywords is much fairer tool

twosuperheroes said...

aronil, yeap..many irresponsible ppl abusing the function..well, since the system is still new, maybe we should give Tim some time to rectify it..

Pinksterz, this is especially true since the nang /dang thing is controlled by people after all. Some people get emotional and take revenge on some poor defenceless victim and dang them dead. Poor thing.

klaw, haha..yeah..say tak nak to dang... thank goodness nuffnang were quick to see the prob and are working on it before your vision comes true :p

adrian, dunno much about the digg thing..but can roughly get what you mean by your explanations. Sad to see Innit being exploited to showcase lotsa sex-related posts. Bad.

abby, haha..hate is a strong word. Let's just sit back and see how nuffnang is taking this prob. Hope everything will be back to normal again.

adino, good suggestion about the tracker thing. Maybe you should get it through to Tim. :)

freethinker, yeah..these things are inevitable as people are abusing one another for fame and glory. But well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens... :)

YozoraNiteSky said... normal lah.. me.. slow like sloth and blur like sotong. by the time I read your post, when to check more -ve and they have removed the "dang" button once the post has reached 0. Well done superheroes. Seems Nuff have reacted to the unhappiness & unfairness of the danged "Dang" thingy. Surely.. what was the point of the Dang anyway??

twosuperheroes said...

yeah, Y...shortly after we posted this, I guess Timothy took action immediately to control the dang havoc. haha..(actually we were pissed off because we fell victim to the dang abuse, that's why Superhero S wrote the post)

Well this 'dang it' thing is the opposite of nang. To nang is to vote for a post that you feel is good dang a post would be to deduct its nang scores.. :)