Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Restoran Chin Chai -- best place for dinner in Malacca

Be prepared to drool
, everybody... :p

No doubt about it. This is the best place to go for dinner in Malacca. The two superheroes wanted to treat Superhero Mum to a nice feast before they make their way back to KL. So, where else to go other than Restoran Chin Chai @ Taman Kasturi, Semabok?!! Haha.

When I was little, this cook used to operate during night time near the place where I have my regular Chicken Rice Balls in the morning. Yeah, the one in Ujong Pasir. Then it kinda shifted to this new location quite some time ago. Pretty smart move I would say. :p

For our meal, we ordered, Claypot Tauhu (Ultra delicious. Just look at how the tauhus swim in the sauce!!), "Fu Yong" Egg (MmmmmmMMMMmmm.....), Kangkung Sambal Belacan "Water spinach in spicy belacan" (Makes your taste bud go wild!!!!!)

And of course, the big star of the day, Jenak in Special Sauce! :p
Their house specialty is their fishy. OHHHHHHH...fishy!!! The moment you taste their fishy in special sauce (dunno what is its exact name in English) you'll be floating in Neverland. It's so so so so good. The fishy is very fresh and the meat's really springy. Unbelieveable.

Great meal this one! All for only RM40, including a pot of Chinese tea.
*still drooling....*


anthraxxxx said...

I blogged about this place before. it has a place in my memories with my brother too :)

twosuperheroes said...

Really? Haha..the food is great rite?? :p

anthraxxxx said...

hehehe yea. I came to this area often because my grand ma is staying at taman kasturi :P