Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My FIRST excited but nervous too

This is Superhero S's first time boarding a plane. YES. No kidding. Superhero W actually booked the tickets for a holiday over the sea so that Superhero S can FINALLY fly for the first time on an airplane! Thank you, baby... :p *blushing*

Can't describe to you how excited I was feeling. It's a moment I've always been dreaming about. It surely meant a lot for me that I'm sharing my first time with Superhero W. Hehe. Seeing the Air Asia airbus from the big glass panels sure got my heart pumping faster. Haha.

Stepping onto the plane for the first time, it all felt surreal. It looks like a bus and even feels like a bus actually. Okay, the name explains it all. AirBUS mah. Haha. We got our seats near the middle exit of the plane. That's where we get to see the wing. Love the view from my window. :p

As the plane started gaining speed on the ground, I was so nervous but awfully excited at the same time. I'M FLYING!!!!! weeeeeeeee..... Haha. When the plane took off, I couldn't describe how strange I felt as everything on the ground started getting smaller and smaller. WOW.

The moment I saw the clouds, it was soooo cool...! :p

Haha. So it's BYE BYE Malaysia... OOops! I meant bye bye Peninsular Malaysia! *wink*

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Quickening said...

Cool! Hey, if you plan for longer plane trips, you can tell us if airlines' food have improved yet. :P

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..sure will do, Quickening! In fact we did try it out on our flight back to KL..hehe.. :p