Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's all your fault, Timothy Tiah

Yes, we are referring to the Timothy Tiah. In case you just returned home to Earth from Jupiter, the man is the co-founder of Nuffnang.


It's all because of you. Because of your Lengmou and TimothyTiah blogs. It's killing us! Since we are relatively new in the blogging world, we never knew about those two blogs. Superhero S already ran through most of your top posts in Lengmou yesterday during office hour. Yes, she chucked her entire workload aside just to read your Lengmou blog.

( Their mysterious blog header )

Then discovering how darn funny it was, she decided to tell Superhero W about it and together they were sitting down in front of the darn PC right after dinner, running through your posts and laughing through till tears started pouring out!

How can you make us laugh so much at 1 am??? Cannot sleep lar like that! Why did you have to make nearly every post so darn funny????!!!! And THEN came your TimothyTiah blog.

Since we wanted to catch up on your transition from Lengmou to your TimothyTiah blog, we read from the beginning. THE BEGINNING. And you know how far your blog dates right?? And you were telling how you started your little dot com thing. You got us even more intrigued and addicted.

( Their first ever PC came alive after Boss Stewie assembled all the parts :D )

It was 4 am then that Superhero W left Superhero S's home and god knows what time he slept. And today is a working day. We both couldn't wake up. Felt more like dying rather than waking up. OH the headache. My head is spinning and feels heavy.

We were supposed to eat TGI Friday's tonight to cash in on our winnings. But all we're thinking now is to head home straight to our lovely beds and sleep. Tak jadi again lor. You tell me lah. You're making us even more panic because the expiry date is another day closer.

Okay, 'nuff said. I feel like fainting now.

Haha. :p

(This picture is taken from Lengmou blog.. hrmmm... cannot elaborate so much..
go there and find it on ur own :) )

P/S : Thanks for making us laugh so much, Boss Stewie. You da man! :p


pamsong said...

Haha. I did that, too. Stayed on LengMou for AGES reading ALL their posts. That was a damn good blog. I miss it.

Quickening said...

You can always belanja complete strangers... *cough*hint*cough* :P

twosuperheroes said...

hey pamsong...haha..yeah, Lengmou sure is one hell of a good blog. Not one blog has caused us to laugh so much before! :p

hi quickening...*coughs too* ahemmm....hahahah..if you are not afraid of sitting together with two strange-looking fellas wearing red underwear outside and skin-tight black leather, you're most welcomed to join us! Haha.. :p

Anonymous said...

what a lame attempt to suck up on him. you wanna get more ads is it?

Lame lame lame.

Boss Stewie said...


I'm sorry. I promise I won't do it again :(

twosuperheroes said...

hey boss stewie! write anymore funnier and we would have to sleep at 4am everyday. Hey nice to see you here anyway.. :p

KY said...

sleep is overrateddddd

twosuperheroes said..., if we don't sleep...we'll start thinking nonsense and writing nonsense you wouldn't want that to happen, would you??? Hehe.. :p