Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spending the night in LCCT (tak boleh tahan)

To kick off their weekend getaway adventures, the two superheroes flew over to the LCC Terminal on late Friday night to catch a morning flight. In other words, they've gotta spend the night at LCCT.


Not a smart move indeed. We were prepared for the worst before making our way to the airport. Spending the night in an airport is never a good idea unless you brought along a sleeping bag and just sleep on the icy cold floor and can endure the many eyes looking at you.

We arrived at LCCT shortly before midnight. The first thing we did was to survey the area, looking for a suitable place to build our nest for the night. Superhero W looks at Asian Kitchen, carrying our polka dot "luggage". The place looks dead. And the chairs don't look comfortable. All plastic chairs. *sigh* Not good.

Superhero W looks at McDonald's. McDonald's...Hmm...McDonald's. Then the two superheroes saw a particular table with nice comfy looking chair. Got SOFA wor. The two of us hovered around the table, eyeing like a vulture from afar. WE WANT THAT TABLE!

Haha. Our eyes never left that table. The McD staff were taking a long time to clean up the area. But we persisted. That is the only human friendly thing for us to sleep on! Must fight for our territory. Haha. In the end, of course we won. Ran to the table and hurriedly sat on it.

And that was where we spent the night, eating 2 meals of McD. Once for supper (nothing to do mah...better grab a bite rather than doing nothing!), and another time for breakfast. Time never passed so slowly in my life before. 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am. WAH!!! Cannot tahan already!

Great experience nevertheless. But, from now on, we're just gonna make this a once in a lifetime thing. No more 2nd time. :p

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