Friday, January 25, 2008

OMG. I **** at TGI Friday's!

Remember in our previous post we told you that it wasn't the end of our meal at TGI Friday's Pavilion KL just yet? You bet I'm saving the best for the last. Haha. :p

You see, this was what happened.


Yup. That probably sums up the whole drama.
Superhero S somehow ended up vomitting after her meal at TGI Friday's.

She puked so much it could've easily filled up half a pail! Haha.
Gosh. I felt soooooooooo bad for the staff at TGI for having to clean up my puke. I seriously tried to control but it just went off like a pipe!

Ting said that of the many many times he has talked to friends, this is the FIRST TIME that people actually hear him talk until VOMIT! ahahhaha... :p

Superhero S puked all over the table, the chair, the floor and some even landed on her pants and cardigan! Yuck. I couldn't describe to you how shitty I felt at that time.

I have NEVER puked in a public place in my whole life before. Let alone puking in TGI Friday's. (of all the places!) And puking in Pavilion since it's my first time there!

A few reasons could've contributed to Superhero S's puking:

1) She laughed too much throughout the meal
2) Had too much of TGI
3) Ting's speech is all too "inspiring" till she felt like vomitting
4) It was too hot in TGI Pavilion. No joke!

But one thing's for sure after all the drama, I don't think I'm ever going back to TGI Friday's Pavilion KL again. Haha. :p

P/S : A big big thank you to all the wonderful staff for being so helpful at TGI Friday's Pavilion KL. So sorry for the puke guys! :p


L'abeille said...

OMGGGGGGGGG! Superhero S sudah pregnant kah? Super Baby on the way? ahahhaha

twosuperheroes said...

How you know?????!!!!
You become Super Baby's "kai ma" ok? Haha.. :p

Jasonmumbles said...


k0k s3n w4i said...

oh dear, I've never puked in a public place before either. Ugh, and I wanted to make pregnant jokes too, but l'abeille beat me to the punch. gah.

twosuperheroes said...

haha..yes Jason. OMFG. :p

Hey s3n w4i, haha..yeah, our auntie l'abeille is really quick and efficient when it comes to things related to marriage, pregnancy, babies...etc. Haha.. :p

SuperWeightKoalabear said...

one time during CNY long long time ago, a very funny fren was telling jokes... that cause another fren to vomit and imagine, laksa oso can come out from the nose!GROSS!!!

Quickening said...

You're not alone in accidental public puking. I did once too, in the mall next to Putra World Trade Centre in KL. I not only did puked on the escalator, I get to watch the stuff go up and up and up and up some more.

Of course, I was 10 years old with a fever and ate bad bakery pizza at the time (the kind with mixed veggies and plain tomato sauce on it). I never wanted to touch bakery pizza ever since.

Didja know that green peas, when slimy, can fit very snugly on gaps between the escalator's steps?

YozoraNiteSky said...

yikes.. puking is really no fun ..I should know.. with my very own experience on Friday :(... on a brighter note...the other 2 would be much fatter than you now since they ingested all those fatty (but yummy) food whilst you threw it all out hahaha

twosuperheroes said...

Superweightkoalabear, that is so GROSS!!! How could the laksa actually come out from the nose??!!! Eeek! :p

Quickening,we seriously dunno what to say other than "YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!". It must've taken you some time to get over the green peas tragedy eh... :p

Hey Y, you've puked at TGI's before??? And yeah, you could say I threw out everything plus my lunch that day! :p