Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Baby is 1 Month Old !!!

Yes, our baby is finally one month old.
One month ago, same day, September 24th, A Tale Of Two Superheroes was born!
Our first post was published on that same day! (related post)

You know, the first month is always the most significant. For the two superheroes, having broken our 1000th mark last week and having made a nice community of friends here is an extremely happy start for us. We promise to continue using our superpowers to excite our readers and fellow bloggers in more posts to come!

So, hang in there ppl and continue to walk through this journey with us, because we'll be bringing you more abt food, food, food, baby3, eh...hehee...and more abt our adventures in discovering this exciting world of superheroes!

Happy "1-month" birthday to us! :)

p/s : Superhero W - I read chanlilian's posting about her 3rd year blogging anniversary yesterday, remind me about our 1st month blogging birthday.. huk huk huk.. Happy Anniversary to everyone also !!! :)