Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kenny Rogers vs. KFC

Wah..this is tough!
Superhero W is a chicky fan, so this means that he likes all kinds of chicken meals (I'm not kidding!) but Superhero S has her moods (sometimes she likes it, but sometimes she can turn all vegetarian or all fishy)

We both love Kenny Rogers and KFC, but we would only eat either of them on very different occasions. When the two superheroes are feeling a little more "light & easy" , we go for our fav, more healthy Kenny Rogers. But when we're feeling a little "wild & mad" , we go dig in our sinful fried chickys!

Well, just the other day, the two superheroes just had their Kenny Rogers with one of Superhero S's close friend, Serine at Kenny Rogers Roasters MidValley. Service was near-sucky but thank god the food was okay. The two superheroes share identical taste buds and ordered Kenny's Quarter Meal (Black Pepper with extra sauce) and 3 side dishes : mac & cheese, coleslaw and the potato with the olive oil thing (forgot what it's called); while Serine ordered just mac & cheese (she's a sucker with cheese!)

The conclusion?
The food was good.
But the service was bad. Tsk tsk tsk.
**Kenny Rogers should start hiring more experienced ppl rather than banking in on those younglings to serve their customers. Shame on you!

p/s : Superhero W - actually, before I went back to Sabah two weeks ago, we planned to eat Kenny Rogers ( related post ).. But because of our cute, little baby3 wanted to eat McD breakfast at the LCCT Airport, we have to postpone it until now. :D