Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I don't want to get LUNG CANCER!!

Help! Help! *sob sob...
Some freak in Superhero S's office is puffing away endlessly every single day! Have some courtesy for those who can't stand smoke, will you? There's a reason why they have an open-air section or a place dedicated to smokers. So don't smoke in an air-conditioned office with your doors open!
Grrrr.... "I don't want to get lung cancer la!"
Second-hand smoke is far more lethal than whatever that goes into the lungs of smokers. I don't wanna die from inhaling second-hand smoke!

To all good souls out there, anyone has a good idea to help Superhero S get rid of those cigarette smokes? Don't get me wrong ok? I'm not against smokers but I would just like to emphasize on some consideration for those who don't smoke.

Superhero S has been using "Long Lasting Shaldon Pot" air freshener but it doesn't seem to be helping much (not that long lasting also!) Any other remedies?? A friend suggested charcoals. Maybe that'd help?