Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Truth about Korean Instant Noodles!

The two superheroes had their favourite Korean instant noodles last night for dinner; Shin Ramyun for Superhero W and Samyang for Superhero S (both hot mushroom flavour! Yummy!!!)

Yes, eating instant noodles is unhealthy but take it in moderation laaa... Please don't makan your maggi mee every day ok? Can die of malnutrition. Hehe. Okay okay, so Superhero S wanted to cook mi sua for dinner last nite, but decided to change plan immediately because she had forgotten to defrost her chicken meat! Aiya...

Next option? Maggi mee lo, since Superhero W was too hungry to wait for anything that needs longer than 5 minutes to cook! So, to save Superhero W from the brink of hunger, Superhero S decided to cook maggi with some chinese cabbage added la. But then, just short of opening the plastic wrapper of the Maggi mee, she saw something else in her kitchen!
Wah! Got Korean mee!!! I totally forgot that I had bought it over the weekend!! Oh yummy yummy...! Now the truth abt why Korean mee is better than our local noodles :

1. Because they have better texture of the noodles - thicker & more springier

2. Because they have extra ingredients inside the pack besides the seasoning & mee

3. Because they have a much better flavour than whatever the local noodles have (we love hot mushroom!)

4. Because they are much more filling than your regular instant mee

5. Because the South Koreans eat the highest number of instant noodles in the world! So this makes them the instant noodle pros. Trust the experts. Period.

Just like what I said to Superhero W before he tried his first pack of Korean noodles.

"Try it and you'll never want to eat Maggi mee anymore after this"

True enough.

(But being RM2-2.50 per single pack, the two superheroes still have to eat their Maggi mee...paiseh paiseh)


Anston said...

Is true that the korean Mee is MUCH MORE better than MAGGI lor!

+ The mee is alot & thick!


footiam said...

Wah! Your Korean Mee looks so nice but I'd rather add another dollar and get something hot from the hawker!

twosuperheroes said...

Anston & Footiam, oh! we share the same feelings abt the Korean mee! Haha. Korean mee is definitely better than Maggi mee..
Footiam, what do u expect, instant noodles ma..but when you cook yourself you can add a lot more side ingredients..yummy yummy..! :)