Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remember "Stairway to Heaven"?

I'm sure all those Korean soppy drama fans would have watched this super duper torturing serial a few years back right? haha.

Well, the two superheroes had just finished watching the entire serial (oh finally...!)

Superhero S was really really crazy and extremely into Stairway to Heaven when it was first shown in Malaysia over at 8TV and immediately went to bought those two killer CD collections of the drama and even the soundtrack (She's cuckoo over the leading actor, Kwon Sang Woo, but ever since she found Superhero W, she has given up her share on Sang Woo and let other girls drool over him instead! Nah)

So since Superhero W has not watched this ridiculously draggy and soppy drama (unbelieveable!), Superhero S decided to introduce him to one of her most favourite Korean dramas. So the two superheroes has been watching it over the past few weeks (it's really loooooooong!) and despite Superhero S having watched it for countless times (she used to watch it every single day during lunch time while she was still studying to perfect her fireball superpowers), she's still happy to watch it once again. hehe. *blush blush

Just the other day, we finally finished the entire series!!! Arghhhhh!! Cannot stand ah. Never felt so relieved to see Jung Suh die in the end (faster die la...want to drag drag!) Haha. Cruel. Bluek.