Monday, October 22, 2007

BPL @ EPL Highlights

It's been 2 weeks that the English Premier League had its holiday because of the International Matches for the qualifying session. So, I will bring you a few highlights of matches from last weekend.

Aston Villa (1) VS Manchester United (4) ;
Arsenal (2) VS Bolton (0) ;
Everton (1) VS Liverpool (2)

Just wanted to bring you some updates :

- 2 Aston Villa players were sent off in the match against Manchester United !
- 2 Everton players were also sent off in the match against Liverpool !

And 3 of them were sent off and conceded a penalty kick for Liverpool and United
( But sadly, Rooney missed the spot kick )

p/s : I can't put the video feed in my blog for this week because of the lack of bandwidth.. Hope you guys will enjoy the highlights from the link I provide. See ya.. !!!


footiam said...

No makan today?

twosuperheroes said...

hi footiam, got la.. ada makan.. but in earlier posting :D ... we ate mcd breakfast on Sunday morning.. :) ..

hehehe, maybe we need to subscribe to our both posting rite? :D so, if got updates, it will directly to our email..