Monday, October 22, 2007

Wah! So cheap ar??

After our breakfast at McD, the two superheroes happily cruised to Low Yat Plaza to jalan-jalan. We wanted to upgrade Superhero S' PC since she kept complaining that the PC always gets stucked whenever she plays her favourite The Sims 2 (+all the expansion packs).

But it's been a while since I last kept up with the hardware prices..
So we were just there to make a survey first to get a clearer picture of the price. We wanted to buy a piece of 1 GB DDR2 RAM and maybe even a bluetooth device. So we headed straight to the 3rd level, to the same shop where we bought our PC 6 months ago.

Superhero S preferred that I talk to Ah A, the salesperson since she's still in breakfast mood and she's a bit blur when it comes to IT . So, I asked the person for the price :

Superhero W : Bro, how much ar the RAM, for 1GB DDR2?

Ah A : aiyo acai, wait ha, I take the pricelist first; sudah naik harga la ( the price increased already ) ...

Superhero W : Haa? naik ar? how much bro? naik banyak ka? ( I turned to Superhero S, giving her the signal to get her fireball superpower ready if the price is too expensive )

Ah A : Sekarang sudah mahal. RM100.. Bulan ini dia naik halga ( Now the price is RM100, it increased this month)

Then, I smiled and thought, "Aiya, so cheap ar??!!" Hehe. Good good.

Superhero W : ok la bro, I angkat ini RAM, mana ada mahal bro.. hehehe.. (ok I'll take this RAM, where got expensive?)

I was actually quite surprised about the price, because it has dropped so much in the last 6 months. I thought it was still around RM170...So since the RAM was so cheap, we asked about the bluetooth device and grabbed it as well since it was only RM20.

So the two superheroes went out of Low Yat, RM120 poorer but it got Superhero S very excited about the additional memory space because then, she can play her Sims happily without getting stuck stuck...