Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nasi Beriani Save The Day

In my tension and miserable first day at my hometown, there's still something save me from throwing my PC to the KOLAM IKAN at my granny's house which is my family's FOOD !!!! ..

yeah, it's been a while I dont eat my family's foods.. Yeah, especially when I come back from KL, I can guarantee that my mum will cook special meal everyday when I am here ( no more magggi aaaa ) hahaha...

So, as on the first day of RAYA (eid mubarak), my family cooked Nasi Beriani.. Wargh.. finger linkin' good.. The meal save Superhero W's life for today :D .. The nicest part is my mum's Sambal Belacan which is very delicious ( until I feel like want to eat it like that ) , so spicy and haaaa cannot describe how's my feeling ( hehehe, dont feel jealous yeah ) ..

I end up eating the Nasi Beriani 3 times and I put aside the Ketupat and chicken rendang (
see related post ).. So sad, never mind, TOMORROW NEVER DIES :) .. so, for today meal this is Nasi Beriani :

this is other's Nasi Beriani, not like my mum's but the point is THIS PIC : Nasi Beriani

p/s : people in KL or PJ, please tell me la, where's the place that I can get the best Nasi Beriani that can challenge my mum's one :D hehehhe ... one to try also in KL... :D