Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nuffnang, Thank You

So, today the first Nuffnang Ads officially display in Superheroes blog. Thanx to Nuffnang Management that help new blogger like us ( 3 weeks old ) feel and have this kind of opportunity.

Actually, I also quite surprise when Nuffnang sent me an email state that there is an advertiser want to appoint my blog. Because I always read posting about this ads site ( who need somesort of election ) before we can have some advertisement on our blog.

So, we hope that Nuffnang and us can coorperate again in the future or sooner :D ... we hope so :D... because Superhero also need help from other people to save the world :) ...

p/s : its also a pleassure for me having MAXIS ads because I am a Maxis Postpaid Subsriber :D



ronald soo said...

fyi nuffnang ads are not as good as adverlets (personal 2 cents opinion la) due to the fact that after a while no more ads...

but adverlets have impression points which will be converted to money too nuffnang don have

i had taken my nuffnang ads out from my blog liao ahahahahha

twosuperheroes said...

Yes, I've read it before. Got some other blogger complaint about nuffnang dont support page impression function.

Andrew Ooi is a fulltime blogger ( i know him from my collegue ) sent an email regarding this to Nuffnang management becoz he also having this so called zero income for some particular month although before this he earned a lot from nuffnang..

Anyway, thats why I put 2 adverlets in my blog ( so I can earned some income from page impression )..

thanx for the advice, I still need to learn more bout blogging time to time :D

L'abeille said...

Wah congrats! My blog ar..until now no ads yet..sob sob

twosuperheroes said...

thanx.. well I dont know la why Maxis chose me.. but Im thankful

( but I think, because we are superheroes, so they gave us.. yalah, no money no costumes : superheroes need costumes ) :D

Just wait, it will be your turn soon