Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nasi Dagang and 'Pengat Pisang'

Wow, second day in my house... as usual, my family will treat me with SPECIAL OCCASIONAL MEALS. Because I only have 2 more days at home, they have to do 2 meals in one day t save time.. hahaha.. :D

So, for today meals are Kelantan's Nasi Dagang and Sabah's Pengat Pisang ( Banana Porridge ).. I think for Malaysian they already know about nasi dagang because I hope they quite familiar with that meal :D ..

Actually my dad is Kelantanese, so he knows how to cook Kelantan's food. This nasi dagang comes with 4 things :

- special dagang's rice ( softer than other rice )
- Kuah Ikan Tongkol ( i dont know what Ikan Tongkol in English )
- Kuah Kari Udang ( prawn curry - which I like the most )
- acar ( combination of pineapple, cucumber, carrots and some onion : sliced )

Although I am not 100% fan of this meal but it still make my tummy happy with such a wonderful prawns ; hehehe.. superhero S will cant handle these kind of prawns..

As of for the dessert, my mum's Pengat Pisang is the most delicious meal for today because I like it since I was young ( when Im still dont have any superpowers ). It is based on santan(coconut milk) , banana and some gula melaka ( sugar ). I added some ice to make it nicer and cold :D ..

Got any ideas with these two meals, have you taste it before? hahaha, please try if you dont want to regret in your life

( hehehe.. try at your own risk, dont claim from us :D )


L'abeille said...

Wow...hari hari you 'post' up all these delicious Raya food... i cannot tahan lar!! Sigh..all my KL Malay friends dah balik kampung so no open house here in KL sob... sob...

Anonymous said...

Ikan Tongkol in English is " bonito ". Some translated it as " tuna " but that is not accurate enough as " tuna " is very big in size while tongkol is just slightly larger than the biggest Ikan Kembong or about the size of the largest Ikan Cencaru ( Ikan Jeket ).

twosuperheroes said...

L'abeille - hahaha.. dont get jealous haaa.. Of course la they go balik kampung, if u want go to their kampung la.. hahaha

Anonymous - thanx 4 the info, when talking about ikan, I will lost.. hahaha