Monday, October 15, 2007

56Kbps .. Beg Your Pardon

56000 BPS... It's been so long time ago when Internet Service Provider came up with this kind of speed for Internet Connection. Did you know? Yes, I think it was around 10 years ago.. However, I'm not going to talk about the history but I just want to express my feeling when I have to make a break through, using the 56Kbps Internet Connection at my home..

Yesterday, I cant find my modem driver and then suddenly just around 20 hours ago I manage to installed the driver for the modem. I am happy.. But.... the happiest moment only remained for 20 minutes, when I try to make the first dial-up connection since 5 years ago.. Oh my gosh !!!

It's a disaster for people who used to surf internet using Streamyx ( 512 KBPS ) or T1 ( 1 MBPS ) when they have to use 56Kbps to surf Internet or Blogging. What a disastrous moment in my life have to wait the page load in few minutes time.

As of this blog "A Tale of Two Superheroes", using this kind of Internet Connection Speed is a valuable experience for it because I can see what other people see when they are using low Internet Connection. For the result in this few days, I have to reduced my overall posting display up to 5 posts only. This is to make sure the blog can reload faster than displaying 20 posts in one page.

But without the 56KBPS modem in my hometown today, it will be a break heart moment for me because cant visit my own blog and put up some posting inside it. What do u think bout this fact of Internet Connection Speed still exist in this world? :D