Monday, October 15, 2007

Nasi Minyak at 2 Houses

Fuhhhh... I just came back from a 3 hour trip ( jalan-jalan ) from visiting my relatives and my family's close friends house. In Sandakan, Sabah it is quite hot, and I cant handle this weather anymore.. I need to go to the fridge every 1 hour to take some cold air :D ..

As of for today's menu.. hahaha.. nah, my mum didnt cook so much today ( only cook fried mee ), however I was in others house's menu that can save my special food marathon... But the miserable time has came when I reached the last 2 houses which served NASI MINYAK as their maincourse.

Yeah, I admit the NASI MINYAK is delicious, can lawan my mum's cook but it is a disaster if having NASI MINYAK in 2 houses consecutively ( same dishes - 'ayam masak merah' ).. oh boy, its a challenge for my tummy to eat at both house with the same menu.

But for me, these few days especially when RAYA, you will see the same dishes between every house. Thank to the Land Lord because prepared the Nasi Minyak for us( my family n I )


maria said...

hmm, the nasi minyak with the ayam merah looks so yummy.

twosuperheroes said...

hurm... thats why I like it the most when it comes with ayam merah :D ..

if in KL, very hard to find the good one. only can find at mamak's restaurant.. hurm, they use dal with nasi minyak - not so suitable for nasi minyak..