Monday, October 29, 2007

Try this authentic Nyonya Laksa...

The two superheroes went back home to Malacca last weekend (which explains why there weren't any post of Sat & Sun. We apologize!) So Malacca being the home for Peranakan cuisines (Baba & Nyonya food), the best Nyonya Laksa had surely gotta come from this little historical town!

Superhero S along with her Superhero Mum explored deep into the jungles of Malacca (haha! no-lah, just kiddin') and drove to Tengkera to savour one of the best Nyonya Laksas in town! Well hidden out of the busy Malacca town, the shop is located amidst a lot of big trees (thus creating a very relaxing and cooling ambience) at the side of a small road connecting Tengkera and Kg. 8. One may just drive past that road without realizing that it's there!

My Superhero Dad used to bring my Superhero Mum here. So now, my mum brought me here for the fantastic, ultimately genuine Nyonya Laksa. They sell other delicacies such as Mee Siam, Pai Tee, Nasi Lemak and their famous cendol too. Mum ordered Laksa Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) while Superhero S ordered Laksa Mee.

The laksa arrived in a ceramic bowl and the first thing I realized was the colour of the laksa. It was fiery red but at the same time, it was all too fragrant because they added some of those leafy herbs as well (I dunno what it's called). The first bite was really exhilarating when its first flavours all exploded in my mouth, leaving me with a deliciously hot and spicy after-taste. The kuah (soup) was really thick and after downing it all, I really wanted a second helping!!! *Cannot, have to control... hehe.

The laksa is good. Very very good. A little big pricey for Malacca standards (RM3.30 a bowl) but well worth it. Try it when you're in Malacca!


Jasonmumbles said...

Give me a more specific direction and location of the stall, I shall verify your claims. :P

twosuperheroes said...

Wow..I can see you're getting excited! haha. Ok ok. Very easy. Get onto the straight road to Tengkera (further down being Klebang). While on the way, just go straight and you will pass by an area of church & schools on your right and later down the road (also on your right), a mosque. Just beside the mosque, there is a small lane named Lorong Siantan (or sth like that). Turn into the road and start observing on the left hand side of the road. You should be able to see a small shop hidden among a few large trees. That's the shop la. So go and verify my claims ok? haha. :p