Monday, October 29, 2007

My Google Page Rank is now 2 !!! (Arhhhhhhhhh...!)

On this date, 29th October 2007, our blog is 1 month and 5 days old. Within this first month, the two superheroes have seen lots of achievements being made in "A Tale of Two Superheroes". But of course, most importantly, we've made a lot of friends in this blogosphere..

However all these while, one thing has always remained illusive to us and the one thing that I've always thought about and discussed with Superhero S - our Google Page Rank. Of late, I've encountered many postings about Google Page Rank being downgraded in a lot of blogs, with some of those affected being very significant bloggers like John Chow, 5xMom, and a lot more other probloggers.

Just now, my friend Xyiry suddenly told me that the Google Page Rank has come "alive" (oh yeah...!) and has made a mass updating to all blogs. But for me, I was thinking that "hey, a 1-month old blog wouldn't have any difference in the Page Rank because the last time we checked our Page Rank, it was N/A (not available) *down!

But, I was shocked when just this morning, I checked "A Tale of Two Superheroes" and found that we have a PAGE RANK of 2 !!! Arhhhhhh!!!! what a big surprise!!
But hey hey hey, we're not going to stop at that. We strive to go further and promise to continue bringing a lot more exciting contents to all our readers!!!
Thank you all and thank you Google!! :D


Xyiry said...

Congratulations,for a new blogger you are progressing fast..keep it up..

twosuperheroes said...

:D thanx bro.. we'll keep on moving..

Anonymous said...

such a pest

twosuperheroes said...

hey anonymous, whatever it is, thanks for dropping by! Hey, you've just discovered another of our superpowers! Hehe. Take it easy ya! :)

melvin,foong said...

whoa .. nice nice .. i got demoted twice!

twosuperheroes said...

melvin - really??? that's really brutal huh. But even after hearing about all those notorious stories, I still don't exactly know why they choose to demote certain blogs. A case out of X-Files, I suppose! :p