Friday, October 26, 2007

Domino's Delivery Vs. McDonald's Delivery

Aisyoh..this one...
Cannot even compete ar!

Domino's delivery wins HANDS DOWN!! (cheers!!! fiu-vit! fiu-vit!)
McDonald's delivery ar, go back and ta-pau la! (pack your bags) *shooh!

This is scene from one McD delivery experience not too long ago (Superhero S's chairman wanted to give a few of us a McD treat and decided to ask for McD delivery)
Our colleague, Ah A did the calling and after placing the orders, Ah A puts down the phone and all of us waited.

Ah A: the guy said he'll be coming in 45 minutes

Us : long ar. 45 minutes just to get here?? McD Ampang Park is like what? 5 minutes from our office???

Ah A: aiya, never mind la. You got nothing to do in your office meh? Do your things and wait lo.

Us : ....

45 minutes later

Us : eh, 45 minutes already. Why the guy still haven't reach ar?? Sesat is it? (sesat=lost)

Ah A: lemme call that bugger.

Calls McD.

Ah A: just now I asked for delivery, how come now still haven't come? 45 minutes already.

McD : huh? er..wait..lemme check. Oh! our delivery guy is on his way already. Reaching soon. Just wait a while more.

Puts down phone and we waited.

Another 30 minutes later

Us : Ei..I thought you said the guy said the delivery guy is reaching already

Ah A: This McD ar!

Calls McD

Ah A: Ei, you said you guy is reaching already?? where is he?

McD : Huh? er..wait..lemme check. (want to check how many times???) Which branch did you order from?

Ah A: Ampang Park

McD: You should've ordered from KLCC.

Ah A: Huh?? Ampang Park is so much closer! And why now only you tell us this? didn't you direct us to the Ampang Park McD??

McD: Wait..lemme check again. (#%^*%!) Btw, who are you? (got time to ask who are we somemore!)

Ah A: The general manager la! my client is going home already! (us laughing in the background)

McD: Oh ok ok ok...lemme check with our delivery guy. Sorry bos!

Puts down phone and we waited

Another 15 minutes later

Us : Wah, ini macam tak boleh oh. Wait until no mood to eat already.

Ah A: Don't make me call that bugger again.

Just when Ah A was about to lift up the phone, comes poor delivery boy panting and sweating like hell, looking so scared!
What's worse! The food is bloody cold!!! EEEEK!

So, it took McD 1 1/2 hours to get from Ampang Park to Superhero S's office which is like 5 minutes away and ended up serving us cold food. (I personally dunno what to say) Good job, McD!

You can never beat Domino's who reached us in less than their promised 30 minutes. They served us hot pizza in only 20 minutes! I salute you, Domino's!


L'abeille said...

Wahhhhhhh! how can? Today I called McD also..<30 minutes sudah sampai!

ronald soo said...

my encounter better ahahahah 45minutes but everything half of it...

mc Delivery Sucks!!!!

twosuperheroes said...

l'abeille -
hurm, thats the problem..I also dunno why that delivery boy so clever and can lost.. maybe he had a stomach ache and went to toilet first kua.. :D

ronald soo - yeah, i read ur post about that. the delivery boy is ur neighbour kot.. ( but also need 45 minutes.. hehehe )

melvin,foong said...

ronald: maybe they took 45 minutes to eat sum for u

my one okay la so far .. less than 30 minutes, still hot ..
but fries sumtimes soggy adi

twosuperheroes said...

hahaha.. lucky ar you.. when I ask superhero S to make a call for mcd delivery, she will decline.. fobia already.. hehe...

but I can say mcd's fries is great.. but when it cold, it became the worst.. :D

fattien said...

1 1/2 hour is terrible, I might change my mind and go out pack the food myself.

I agree with Domino's. It was really was and good services.

B@m®©™ said...

seriously, their service sucks, last time i ordered once and it took them 2 hours to reach my office, i could have just used 15 minutes to walk to the weld order it and come back. i didn't know they would take 2 hours

twosuperheroes said...

fattien - yeah..1 1/2 hours is crazy. Don't use McDelivery. Better walk to the outlet itself and buy. Oh yeah, cheers to another Domino's fan! :p

B@m®©™ - wow..your fate was a little more worse than mine. 2 hours ar??!! I understand how you feel...(pats on shoulder)Now we've learned our lessons :)