Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love You, Superhero W !!!

*blush blush...
Yup, this is my worldwide confession of my love for Superhero W!
Haha..oh yeah... *blush blush more

I've been away for such a long long time, and I had to spend such a long long time reading all his lovable posts written with tender loving care while I was away...
So cute! Muak muaks!
Oh man, I really really REALLY miss this blog so much, and just before the long break I had made Superhero W promise that he would keep this blog updated regularly because Superhero S will not have access to internet back in her home.
And he kept his promise! And he had done a really fine job at it, don't you guys agree? :)

Well, Superhero S is now back to save the world and to keep everyone on their toes for the next best experience in our blog!

p/s : Superhero S & Baby3 got reunited with Superhero W on late Tuesday nite and the superhero family once again lives happily ever after...!