Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh, I'm in LOVE!

My Superhero S cooked me this bowl of Mi-Suah (can't recall what it's called in English) for dinner! She had wanted to cook earlier on but had forgotten to defrost the chicken meat. So, this time, she has firmly decided that "die-die" also must cook her Mi-Suah!

Looks good eh? Tastes even better! *wink wink... (must "ampu" a bit)
Filled with so much chicky meat because she knows that her Superhero W loves chicken meat! She also added some sawi Jepun (Japanese "choy sum") because she loves vege...
AND, she had quietly popped an egg inside the bowl, hidden nicely below all the noodles to surprise me! heh heh...

What can I say?
"Oh, I'm in LOVE!"

p/s :
MEE SUAH - This thin, delicate noodle is made from rice flour, and is usually sold dried in boxes. It takes no time to cook, and is generally served in a soup. Representing 'long life', it is customary to serve a person Mee Sua soup on his or her birthday in Nyonya homes. ( quote from - MalaysianFood )