Friday, August 8, 2008

Chinese Fried Rice, getting the recipe right

Despite having cooked a variety of simple fried dishes, from Spicy Fried Noodles, all the way to Spicy Fried Vermicelli and Fried Broad Noodles, Superhero S has still not found the winning combination for the supposedly easy peasy Chinese Fried Rice. Possibly one of the simplest thing to cook has always turn out to be just a mediocre affair, much like my first attempt at Chinese Fried Rice. It's not bad, but neither is it overtly delicious.

My first attempt...

And since Superhero W is a fried rice fanatic, I really hoped to get it right this time around. Haha. As my first attempt was guilty of lacking any presentation in terms of colours, I decided to buy a pack of mixed vegetables to brighten up my fried rice. Since there weren't any chicky bits left, I bought a pack of chicken sausages to feed Superhero W's meat cravings. :p

Preparation was simple enough, and all I need to do is to defrost the mixed vegetables, finely chop some garlic, and cut 4 of the chicken sausages into smaller pieces. Heat up the oil, start off with the garlic and fry till it's fragrant. Next, throw in the mixed vege and sausages. Stir-fry till the mix is even. Throw in the rice, and stir everything up. Add salt to taste, some Maggi seasoning, white pepper and soy sauce.

And here comes my Chinese Fried Rice...

Well this time around, my fried rice turned out better than the first. There's more flavour to it and the rice's much more fragrant. But then again, I'm still not entirely satisfied as I feel that more can be done to it. Haha. Yes, I'm quite a fussy cook. *blushing* me, is still not the winning formula. Something is still conspicuously lacking but I just cannot figure out what. Any fried rice experts can help me out on this? :p


foongpc said...

Sorry I'm not a fried rice expert, but I'm a fan of fried rice! And the best fried rice is my mom's! Hope you'll get to improve your fried rice and blog about it.

twosuperheroes said...

Oh yeah, I love my mom's fried rice too. Haha. Thumbs up to moms' cooking! :p

MisSmall said...

I'm a fried rice expert. In eating them, that is. :p

Try adding salted fish? :)

twosuperheroes said...

Hmm...salted fish eh? Not yet lah. Haha. Maybe can try eh. :p

babe_kl said...

lemme see ok since i was crowned fried rice queen by another food blogger :p

did u use day old rice?

frying rice need a lot more extra oil than frying noodles.

try adding eggs to your fried rice. make the rice very fragrant one. i usually scramble mine and set aside before adding them towards the end.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey thanks, babe for coming over to help me out with this!

Erm, I didn't use day old rice actually.. I cooked the rice a few hours earlier, that's all. *blushing* Gosh..that must be why it didn't taste that good is it?

Okay, will put extra oil next time..maybe mine not enough oil eh. And I did add some eggs in my most recent try (not highlighted here).. like what you said, definitely tasted better! :p