Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, LCCT

Not too long ago when Superhero W flew back home to Sabah on one early weekday morning... *yawn*, we decided to fly over to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet at LCCT for a short munch while waiting for check-in time. We've always wanted to try the breakkie set at Coffee Bean after getting a little bit jelak of our regular Subway breakkie. Haha. :p

The other choices would of course either be the foodie at the food court which is located a galaxy away, the rather packed Asian Kitchen, or the forever packed, McDonald's. Since we weren't in the mood to get sandwiched with all the people in there or to relive our moment when we spent a sleepless night there, we decided to stay away from McDonald's and go for the less crowded Coffee Bean outlet.

However, as we weren't particularly hungry, we decided to share our breakkie set and ordered a Brek 'O' Day set, which comes with a cup of black coffee. Couldn't exactly remember how much it cost though, but it should come within the RM10-15 range.

Our set consists of 2 cute lightly grilled sausages, 2 beautiful toasts, a small portion of salad with raisins and "kuaci", topped with simple dressing and of course, a nice portion of scrambled eggs. There's the butter and strawberry jam for the toast too! Not bad indeed...

Superhero W couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee though. He put in close to 4 packs of sugar but it was still bitter. Haha. He then requested for some creamer, and they gave us a small cup of warm fresh milk. But the coffee sure tasted good. I couldn't resist taking a sip or two even though I'm not a coffee fan because the coffee was just so fragrant. *grins*

There are a few more choices for the breakkie set, such as toasts, muffins, eggs, and many more. If only I'd remembered then to write them all down. Haha. Brain sure wasn't functioning well early in the morning. We're both not morning persons you see. :p

And we truly apologize for the bad quality pictures (no thanks to my camera phone and yellowish lighting). I didn't want to post them up actually, but was forced to since Superhero W somehow forgotten to save my other pile of photos in this lappie. *sigh*
But hopefully we'll make another visit there again next time around with a real camera and snap away! Haha. *wink wink*


Mummy In Vain said...

When in coffee bean, I'll always crave for egg ben. It's yummy, but feel that it's a bit too costly to have such breakfast often. I'll go only when I miss their coffee...hehe...nice meeting u both ya....

twosuperheroes said...

Oh yeah, egg ben.. We've heard about it too but have not tried it out just yet. Will do next time around! Haha. :p