Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Italiannies, Pasta Pizza and Vino at 1 Utama

After savouring the delicious egg tarts from Canton-i, the two superheroes flew over to Italiannies at 1 Utama in anticipation for a super heavy lunch. Haha. We've heard many say about the huge portion there, so I suppose since we've been yearning to make our way here for ages, it's high time we pamper ourselves with quality, huge-serving Italian foodie! *jumping with joy*

We were greeted with a really friendly waitress who showed us our table for two, neatly tucked at one corner of the restaurant. We find the ambience truly cosy with all these photos hanging on the wall, left and right. And with Michael Buble chrooning his jazzy music, this place sure exudes a really warm and charming feeling with its beautiful decor and classy set. Nice!

Flipped through to the menu, and found ourselves lost in the large variety of foodie choices. OH! Too bad we weren't carrying our extra tummies, otherwise can hope to fit in more foodie. Haha.

And so, we decided to settle for their Lasagna a la Ravina since Superhero W hasn't had his supply of lasagna for months and he's almost resorted to drooling all over the menu if I hadn't agreed to the lasagna. Haha.

After taking our orders for the lasagna, the kind waitress actually informed us about the huge serving at Italiannies, seemingly worried that we weren't going to be able to finish our foodie. Haha. I mean, we can't be just eating lasagna right? Haha. Sure have to order another item otherwise I'll get all geli-fied eating all the cheese! *grins*. And so, we ordered their Chicken Parmagiana and 2 soft drinks to top it off.

While waiting for our main course, we were served 4 pieces of bread, accompanied by olive oil, mixed with some herbs and some vinegar. Very yummy when the bread is dipped into the oil-vinegar mix! :p

And our Lasagna a la Ravina (priced at RM24.90) was the first to grace our table...


Haha. We've never seen such a BIG lasagna before! Just look at all the melted cheese...
Lasagna a la Ravina, described as "layers of lasagna pasta, creamy cheese sauce, rich meat sauce and marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese, baked until golden brown", one mouthful and you bet we were sent shooting up all the way to the sky! Haha. Absolutely delicious and we honestly applaud its quality. THE best lasagna we've ever tasted!

Then, our Chicken Parmagiana (priced at RM30.90) came...

We looked at the dish in awe. OMG.
These guys really weren't kidding when it comes to the portion. Crazy large portion! So worth it... Haha. Who can resist this "tender Romano crusted chicken breast lightly breaded and deep fried, then topped with marinara sauce, parmesan cheese and melted mozzarella cheese. Served with spaghetti"???

The deep-fried chicken is simply out of this world. Crispy on the outside, and super tender on the inside. Very very juicy too! Thank goodness for the spaghetti, otherwise we would get so jelak eating all the cheesy stuff. Haha.

Despite probably gaining 10kg after downing all the cheese and pasta, we went back home with a happy tummy! Haha. Never mind, it's okay to get sinful with all the cheesy once in a while. The meal just couldn't have gotten any better than what we'd experienced at Italiannies. Very friendly service, kudos to the waitress (or was she the supervisor?) who came by our table repeatedly to ask how we were doing; and of course, the great food! :p


jelly said...

damn so sinful! i am soooooooooooo hungry now :(

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...damn cheesy rite?? *drooling* :p