Monday, August 4, 2008

Delicious Egg Tarts at Canton-i, 1 Utama

Not too long ago, babe introduced a super tantalising foodie in her wonderful foodie blog. Described as "...simply out of this world!", how can the two superheroes resist the temptation of not laying their hands on them? Haha. *wink wink*

And so, on one fine day last week, we flew over to 1 Utama (sadly one of the least frequented shopping malls in our list) for an occasion. Since it was brunch time, we ran through the mall directory to hunt for foodie. Haha. It didn't take long when our eyes saw a name that rang not only a bell but more of like crazy alarm bells! Superhero S pointed to 'Canton-i' and almost shouted, "EGG TART!!!". :p

Ever since the day I laid my eyes on the egg tarts that babe posted on her review of Canton-i, it has been on my mind since. Now that I finally have the chance to try the egg tarts, there's no time to waste. Haha. And so, we flew over to Canton-i, just a few doors away from Pasta Zanmai, the cousin of Sushi Zanmai, blogged by Jason just a few days back.

The first thing we saw were the huge chunks of assorted roasted porky such as char siew and siew yuk hanging precariously on the front of the restaurant. Oh, I think there's the roasted ducky too. Haha. From the outside, I have to admit that the restaurant looked rather classy. Nice decor. As we didn't exactly enter the restaurant, I couldn't exactly describe to you how it looked. But it was certainly packed with lots of patrons when we were there. Good sign! :p

There is a small take-away counter at the corner front of the restaurant which sells all the pastries and of course, our EGG TARTS...!

I guess they must have noticed how our mouth were all agape and drooling while our eyes never once left the sight of those lovely egg tarts and immediately came by to ask for our orders. Since Superhero W couldn't take the non-halal foodie especially with all those chunks of porky right next to the counter, it was then all up to Superhero S to sample those delicious tarts! *grins*

Priced at RM3.15 including tax for 2 egg tarts, they are slightly more expensive than the usual ones found outside, and the tarts actually looked considerably smaller. Haha. Never mind... as long as it's good! Packed neatly in a nice silver box, my egg tarts looked really fragile when lifted up... *oh, careful careful...!*

One bite...
And I can't even remember the busy crowd passing me by anymore. Haha.
It was just the egg tart and me. We shared a really beautiful moment together...

OH I'm melting... Haha. Let me quote from babe, "...these egg tarts are absolutely gorgeous! The pastry is flaky and crispy whilst the egg custard is wobbly, creamy and eggy. They're simply out of this world!"

So true... so true! Thanks for the recommendation, babe! One of the best egg tarts I've ever tasted. :p


babe_kl said...

ooooo... darn, you made me crave for one now :(

Paris said...

Wow! Looks absolutely delicious. I'm not a fan of egg tarts but this one looks like its worth trying. :)

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...babe, 2 hot hot egg tarts coming! :p

Yeah, paris..they're absolutely delicious! You should try it. It's really different from the usual ones, especially its pastry. :)