Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Killer Black Pepper Chicken... you've been warned!

The two superheroes have been relatively busy lately, which explains their disappearing act recently. Busy flying here and there to save people, they could hardly find time to update their readers about their whereabouts. Haha. :p

Despite being overwhelmingly busy, Superhero S has found some time to prepare some super duper delicious foodie (self-praise! *ahem*) from the comforts of her kitchen. Since Superhero W is a chicky fanatic, it would be ideal if he were to have his serving of chicken in every meal of the day. Yes, he can wallop the whole bird without breaking sweat. *super grin*

So after having tried cooking his favourite Chicken Curry and Spicy Chicken with Mushroom, or even THE super MFC, My Fried Chicken the last time, I've still yet to cook his number 1 favourite chicky dish of all, the Black Pepper Chicken!

Since I've not tried cooking any black pepper dish myself, I base my knowledge on the same theory as how I would cook my other chicky dishes. What else? Go buy a nice big bottle of Black Pepper sauce! I've actually tried cooking this dish twice to date, and I've experimented with two different side ingredients for both occasions.

My first attempt, I tried cooking my Black Pepper Chicky dish with potatoes and big onions. Simply dice the potatoes into little cubes, cut the big red onions into little pieces and finely-chop some garlic. Heat up the oil, and throw in your garlic. As I cannot handle onions that are almost raw, I tend to throw in my onions real early in my cooking to make it soft. Yes, I'm a baby. Haha.

Then, throw in your potatoes, then your chicken. Pour in some of your black pepper sauce, and possibly some dark soy sauce if you like (which I did), add in a tiny wee bit of water, let it simmer for a while, add salt to your liking and kau tim!


As Superhero W loved the dish so much, he urged me to cook another round of it just a few days later. Couldn't possibly use potatoes anymore right? Haha. So this time around, with Tasty Recipe's Black Pepper Chicky with Rice dish as a guide, I decided to use the ultimate Black Pepper companion -- the Green Capsicum! The style of cooking is exactly the same as before, only with the capsicum replacing the potatoes.

I have to admit really, the capsicum really makes a better side ingredient than the potato! Because together with the black pepper, the infused flavour is absolutely a KILLER! OH, and don't forget to add some grounded black pepper and you're on your way to create a wonderfully potent concoction of the super duper killer Black Pepper Chicken dish.



L'abeille said...

Got meat, got egg, got vege, got rice and got soup. A balance meal indeed wor ;)

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah lor, auntie L'abeille...must feed Superhero W's growing appetite mah. That's why he's becoming more and more chubby! :p