Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hi-Tea Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant, Times Sq - Pt 2

The two superheroes' super makan marathon continues with more tantalizing foodie from the Longest Hi-Tea at Big Apple Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square. As a continuation to Part 1 of our eat-like-crazy session in this superb high-tea, it's time to bring you more delicious pictures from our humble little camera phone! *super blushing...*

Here goes...
First stop, Thai Flavours... a cute wooden stall dedicated to serve you only the best Tom Yam. According to some reliable sources, the Tom Yam in Big Apple is one of their specialties. And no doubt it is! Super delicious... where the tom yam is very flavourful with its spicyness and sourness just right. mMmmm......!

Where's the chef?? I think he ran away upon seeing us two walking over!

Eat this... super big bowl of hot, boiling Tom Yam soup!

Our super delicious Seafood Tom Yam...

2nd stop, let's hop over to their Prawn Noodles stall!
This particular Prawn Noodles is simply fantastic! One of the best I've eaten really. No kidding. Don't play play... Haha. Would've loved a second helping if not for the little tummy compartment I've got! Should've brought a 2nd tummy! Haha. :p

Sifoo at work... cooking our order! :)

The ingredients...the prawns are ridiculously FRESH!!!!! OMG.

A huge potful of steaming hot prawn noodles soup... I don't mind drinking it all!

Our Prawn Noodles is ready!

OH... Love the big fresh prawns!

Next up, the Satay stop!
Looking at so many sticks pokking out from the pot, we cannot help but help ourselves to the satays! There's beef and chicken for your selection.


Look at that big potful of satay kuah! Can I drink it??

Banjir style...

And then, there's the middle section, also the main section of the buffet that serves salad and a whole lot Chinese and Malay dishes.

Greedy person No. 1

Greedy person No. 2!

Then there's the Chicken Rice Stall right at the corner of the buffet area that serves... Chicken Rice of course, Char Siew, etc. Didn't manage to try this one though but it's seemingly quite popular with the crowd too...

Then there's also the delicious and crispy Samosa at the Indian Cuisine Corner. They also serve some really good Roti Telur and big potfuls of curry, dhal and sambal! Yummy.........

And finally, there's the bill...

So you must be wondering how much this meal would cost the two superheroes eh... Haha.
To tell you the truth, this incredible buffet meal didn't even cost us a penny! Our two cute buddies' mom decided to give us two super adorable superheroes a treat and paid for the meal, inclusive of the 50% discount.

All in all, the meal costs only RM110 including tax for 4 hungry people, but the original price for this highly-recommended high-tea buffet is RM48++ per person. Come to think about it, this meal would've been worth it even without the 50% discount really! We ate like there's no tomorrow and had to skip dinner altogether that day because we just couldn't handle it anymore! Haha. :p

Thanks, auntie!