Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hi-Tea Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant, Times Sq - Pt 1

In a casual conversation with our Superhero buddies, Eugene and Valerie probably a couple of weeks back, the idea of whacking an extravagant meal at Berjaya Times Square Hotel suddenly surfaced. When it comes to eating, the two superheroes can never resist any generous offer especially when we heard our buddies could work their way to get us an irresistible 50% discount off that buffet meal at Big Apple Restaurant!

Picture taken without permission from our two buddies' blog because we realised we've actually forgotten to take a picture of the restaurant's name! Haha. I'm sure they wouldn't mind! Muahahaha...

Half price for a crazy makan session certainly sounded very very tempting indeed... I mean, who could resist such offer?! What's more it's acclaimed as the "longest hi-tea buffet" in town! Which sounds like a lot a LOT a LOT LOT of foodies waiting for us! Haha. The two superheroes would usually shy away from buffets because unless we can eat till Round 20, it's not worth going buffets! Haha. :p

As this buffet starts from 12.30 noon till 4.00 pm, it means we have 3 1/2 hours to eat! Sounds good enough for us. And so, we flew there on a Sunday with our two adorable buddies as the buffet is only available on weekends and public holidays, and got a nice seat in the restaurant. Pretty spacious area and we particularly love the lighting! *grins*

Okay, as soon as we were inside Big Apple, of course we wasted no time in flying towards all the foodie! The buffet area is a little bit separated actually. There's the main area with all the foodie in the middle, then there's the little stalls surrounding the main area serving Thai foodie, Indian and Italian.

And while you're walking to the other side of the buffet, you will see a Prawn Noodles stall, a Satay stall, and the whole dessert section on the sides. Then at the end of the area, there's the Chicken Rice stall serving also delicacies like popiah and kuih lobak. *drools*

We needed some time to actually survey the whole area because there's really a lot of food here! OMG, this is really heaven! Since we snapped quite a lot of pictures, let's kick off Part 1 with some desserts. When I saw this section, I immediately turned over to Superhero W and said that, "our dear Y would definitely love seeing all these cakes and tarts!". Haha. :p

So let the pictures do the talking. Drool, baby drool...!

A stall serving ice kacang, ice-cream, waffles, etc... (Love the waffles topped with ice-cream!)

Some fruits to balance this food marathon!

Sinfully delicious dessert... OH, so many to choose from!!

Superbly rich chocolate "moist" cake. Hugely popular with the crowd here!

Irresistible cheesy cheese cake...

Don't these look familiar? Haha... these cute little tartlets remind us of dear Y's version!

You can always hop over to our two buddies' post here and here too for more pictures and to read their version of this amazing eat-like-crazy buffet! Haha. They've just started their own blog too not too long ago, so give them some support yeah!

More stories and pictures next, in Part 2 of our adventures...
Keep your saliva for more! Haha. *wink wink*


Jasonmumbles said...

The food doesn't look that appetizing to me. :) Will wait for Part 2.

jelly said...

i have never been to high-tea buffet before..cnt imagine eating all the cakes and pastries O_o

twosuperheroes said...

Hey jason, haha...gotta blame it on our little camera phone lah. The food there is really not bad. Probably didn't quite captured the essence of it in that camera. Gotta get a big one like yours lah! :p

Jelly, you should try going for high-tea sometime. Got a lot of foodie, not only cakes and pastries! Haha.. :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

must ask your buddies how to get 50% discount lah.. 50% is a lot of discount leh :)

twosuperheroes said...

haha...they pulled some strong strings to get us the discounts! Yeah...50% is a lot indeed..But for this buffet, I wouldn't mind paying the full price as I think it's pretty worth it indeed... :p