Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My first Pancake with Honey and Butter

Breakfast for the two superheroes is usually nothing ultra fancy, which is why you will see breakfasts like these. Haha. Simple yet sumptuous and nutritious in a sense! I don't mind cornflakes, but I've never finished more than a fraction of the entire box ever since I was small. So, better try something else instead! Haha. :p

Since Superhero W has been drooling over pancakes from our last McD Hotcake meal earlier this year, I decided to make some pancakes of my own to feed our hungry superhero! So this would be officially my first attempt. Don't think it should be very difficult since I'm actually buying those ready-made ones where you only need to add water or milk! Makes my life a whole lot simpler. :p

Among the brands available on the shelf, I decided to take my chance and go for Pillbury's One-Step Pancake Mix Buttermilk. Well, I can't deny that the "one-step" factor in its name played a huge part in my purchase! Haha.

As I flipped the box to the other side, I was reading through the steps to make my fabulous pancake when I caught sight of this small blurb that "for creamier pancakes, replace water with fresh milk". And that was just exactly what I decided to do! Haha. First time do, if want to do, sure must do the best ones right? I sent Superhero W to shop for some fresh milk and he came back with...

F&N's Magnolia Fresh Milk! As long as it reads "fresh milk", we're safe. Haha. *grins*

Opened the box, and found 2 big bagful of pancake mix. Not bad woh... That's quite a lot. And one pack is supposedly able to make at least 10 pancakes. 5 for Superhero W, and another 5 for Superhero S. That should be enough! *super grin*

Mixed the fresh milk into the pancake mix and stir till the texture is even. And then, simply heat up your pan and pour a little bit of the mix into it. Wait till bubbles start forming on top of the pancake and flip it over. Once you see the pancake is all golden brown, it means that the pancake is ready to land into my stomach! Haha.

That would've been the ideal case scenario where I would actually have a non-stick pan with me. But sadly in real life, I only have a wok! Can you imagine? A WOK! How to fry my pancakes? But alas, since already opened the pack and mixed the milk, just cook only lah... I'd rather have ugly distorted pancakes than throwing it all away.

And so, my quest to make perfect pancakes was marred by the fact that I do not have a non-stick pan. Never mind. After struggling with the wok and sweating like a waterfall, I finally managed to make a little more than 10 pancakes! So this is my first Pancake with Honey and Butter.

Haha. Since there's no maple syrup in the kitchen, have to make do with just honey. Put a little bit of butter on top the pancakes for illustration purposes and it's all done. Please pardon the weird shapes of my pancakes. Haha.

The pancakes taste excellent! Don't despise its ugly looks because they're really sweet and fluffy! Super duper yummy indeed. Haha.

Can never go too wrong with a ready-made mix! Yeah, I cheated. Haha. But at least we had a satisfying breakfast! Can't wait to make another batch of 10 pancakes! :p