Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lotus Root Soup - nutritious and simple to prepare

The weather these days have really been truly wonderful. Cloudy and cold with just enough glimmer of sunlight to brighten up the sky. With our feet turning cold stepping onto the cold, cold floor at home, it's always wonderful to have a nice big bowl of hot hot soup to keep the body warm. OH! Haha. And so, it's time to boil some soup! :p

Both of us superheroes are soup lovers, or rather it used to be only Superhero S. But that was only until she started forcing Superhero W to learn how to drink soup (since she likes to drink them, better find a kaki!). Till today, I still dunno whether Superhero W genuinely loves drinking soups or he's just afraid to be unintentionally cut by the sharp and long, cold stares. Haha. Just kidding.

Since I mention that I love soups, I've tried my hands at boiling my favourite ABC Soup with Sweet Corn, Old Cucumber Soup and Watercress Soup. However, there's still one of my all-time favourites that I've not attempted so far -- and that's the Lotus Root Soup.

We bought a small piece of lotus root, since it's just meant for both me and Superhero W. I then proceed to skin the lotus root and cut it into slices with an average thickness. Check out my lotus roots... all cut up and ready to be thrown into the boiling soup! *grins*

Would've preferred to boil this with those kacangs but unfortunately, forgetful me has left it out in the shopping list. Gave an emergency call to my Superhero Mum to ask if it will still be okay if the soup is boiled without the kacang, she gave me a go-ahead, mentioning that the kacang is not compulsory but it would've naturally have been more tastier with it. Well, what to do... :p

The soup base is boiled using some chicky parts (i.e. the neck, the feet, some bones, etc.) with salt added to taste. Dump in all the lotus root into the soup and let it boil, baby... BOIL!

After it's all done, here is how my Lotus Root Soup looks like...

Big big bowl of warm nutritious soup to complement a cold cold day. What's best is, it's really simple to prepare! MmMMmmm.... Haha.


YozoraNiteSky said...

oh this is one of my fav soups..but since i am such a porky lover, i usually put spare ribs into my soup.. mmmm..:)

twosuperheroes said...

haha... yeah, porky would be sweeter than adding chicky I think.. But anyhow, it tastes good both way round! :p