Friday, July 11, 2008

My First Assam Fish

The two superheroes are currently experiencing a home-cooking marathon right now. Haha. As you can see, most the the foodie featured most recently are successful products of Superhero S' dedication towards cooking (*ahem...!*). Since we're a little sick of eating outside food, not that we eat out a lot anyway, I've decided to continue experimenting with many more first attempts. :p

And my next one would be another of my Superhero Mum's signature dishes, Haha. So, when the two superheroes were back to Malacca not too long time ago, Superhero S attempted cooking her first Assam Fish after having seen Superhero Mum cooking it so many times...

Ran through the freezer at home and saw a whole lot of fishys everywhere. Wow... Don't think the two of us can finish so many fishys. So I looked deeper into the freezer and saw three little tenggiri slices, neatly wrapped and tucked at one corner. Perfect! Haha. :p

Defrost the fishy and coated it with some corn flour to give it a smoother texture. Here they are... my three cute little tenggiri slices!

Prepared the rest of the ingredients - finely-chopped garlic, some assam jawa water and of course, the secret of cooking a superb assam fishy, the Limau Purut leaves! Haha. You can smell its fragrance up close. But remember to tear the leaves into smaller pieces when cooking to allow its fragrance to absorb into the gravy. And since Superhero Mum loves cooking Assam Fishy so much, we've actually grown a really beautiful Limau Purut plant in front of our house! *grins*

The assam jawa water

Beautiful limau purut leaves...oh, please ignore the dried shrimps! Haha.

And so, throw in the garlic, a little bit of sambal paste, the assam jawa water, the Limau Purut leaves and finally the fishys. Salt and sugar to taste and let it simmer till the fishy is cooked. Just look at this... beautiful eh?

My Assam Fishy is served... Three little slices for two cute superheroes. *blushing*

Tastes absolutely wonderful with that distinct limau purut taste to it. If you prefer your assam gravy to be sweeter, just add more sugar. Otherwise, just a little dash should do. You can also add some lady's fingers and brinjals if you like but since Superhero W is not a fan, I just kept the assam fishy dish as simple as possible. OH, you can also try cooking it a la assam curry style just like how our Chef Y did! Haha. :p


babe_kl said...

wahh terror la. i hardly cook fish cos not many fans at home :p plus i'm a noob when it comes to buying fish *shy*

twosuperheroes said... lah, babe. I'm also blur when it comes to buying fishy. But I know fresh fish have this twinkle in their eyes, and their scales are shiny.. :p