Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ping Your Blog from Your Handphone !! (amazing...)

Remember my last post "I posted this using my handphone"? Yeah, I promised to write back and tell you guys how to do it.

So here we go...
I am using a Maxis GPRS connection in my handphone. But whenever I tried typing the full url for a particular site, it would always fail. Have to find an alternative method then!

When I started blogging, I use Gmail in handphone to manage my mails and to check for new comments posted. Therefore, it got me wondering if I can blog using my handphone also. I found a function in Blogger that allows me to write a post in the email and later have it sent to an e-mail address that I had set. (how to set.. see image below) .

-- Here's the picture to set email for Blogger Mail Function --

[ No. 4 is the email address you will send to when you want to send a post in your blog. ]

From there, your post will appear in your own blog. I tried it using my Gmail Java Application from my handphone. It was a success! :)

I was happy!! But I ended up having another problem - my readers wouldn't know that I've updated my blog since I have not ping-ed it. If I were to use a PC, I can go to PetalingStreet.org to ping my post. But what now?

You see, everytime you make a post, blogger will send you an email ( something like a copy for that post - if you use the function la ) So, from there, you will have a link to your post.

For example:

Google helps translate the page(site) so it can be displayed in my handphone.

So, from there I tried to play around with the url. I changed the back url to view other sites
( eg. Site Meter -

Then, I tried to see whether or not 'PPS Public Pinger' can be displayed. Using the same method,
( http://www.google.com/gwt/n?u=http://www.petalingstreet.com - you can follow the same way when you ping your blog from your PC )
it works!! And that's how I ping-ed my last post using my handphone via PetalingStreet.org.

That's the way I complete one normal cycle of posting and ping-ing an article to my blog. So, hope you can understand. If got some problems, please tell me. I will try to help you.

Cool eh..! :p


Andrew Ooi said...

Ai ya.. still too troublesome to type type on that phone keypad.

You must write a RPC program that you can hit on your phone that will:
1. Automatically browse to see what is the latest post you have on your blog
2. Ping petaling street with the URL, Title, Short excerpt of your blog post.

That way no need to be so troublesome to ping manually.

twosuperheroes said...

thanx for the advice.. but I think PPS dont give a RPC program so easy rite..

haiya.. I'm still new, so I think this is the way for me to ping PPS.. if for wordpress its not a problem la kan :P ...

maybe u can teach me, :D