Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I posted this using my handphone !!

yeah. I was just exploring the WAP using my handphone.. and then I
posted this post.. its amazing blogger provide this kind of service..
wanna know how I did it? I tell u tomorrow.. :) k..

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Can do on the spot reporting; the news as it happens. Can load pics also?

Danny Foo said...

Judging by the signature in the post I'd say emailing if entry to a Gmail address which posts directly to your blogger account.

- posted from an iPhone

twosuperheroes said...

hurm,hi danny.. yeah.. using handphone.. but, the best thing is we also can log on to Petaling Street to ping our post ... :D

hi anonymous, yes... I think can upload also.. but need to use other google services.. u can log on to.. in ur handphone :D