Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let's eat TGI FRiDAY'S!


Since the two superheroes are going to eat TGI soon after winning Nuffnang's "Why I want to eat at Friday's" (see our winning post!) , it's time to put in some effort to get us ready for that nice meal....! :p

Okay okay... So what should we do then?

1. Start having 7 meals a day! - pre-breakfast, breakfast, tea-time 1, lunch, tea-time 2, dinner & supper (wahhhhh....!) to get our stomach active and running for the big day!! :p

2. Start visiting TGI outlets to make quick rounds so that we can familiarize with the surroundings and atmosphere!!! :p (No, waiter...we're just visiting the restaurant..erm, maybe you can take us for a tour around TGI too? haha!)

3. Start scouting and shopping for loose clothings like XXXL tees or stretchable pants so that there's space for our tummies to expand when we eat on our big day! (Oh god!)

4. Start dreaming about all the above because Superhero S still wants to stay her size!!!! hahah!

Thank you for reading out crap! :p